Prof. Marcel Fratzscher, Ph.D.

Prof. Marcel Fratzscher, Ph.D.
Executive Board
Key activities
  • Macroeconomics
  • International finance
  • Monetary economics
  • International policy co-ordination

    Publications at DIW Berlin

    DIW Economic Bulletin (29/30 / 2016)

    Transforming Berlin from a Startup Hub into an Economically Thriving Metropolis: Editorial

    Marcel Fratzscher, Martin Gornig, Ronny Freier, Alexander S. Kritikos
    Beiträge in Tages- und Wochenzeitungen (17.07.2016 / 2016)

    Das Märchen vom Märchen der Ungleichheit

    Marcel Fratzscher
    Beiträge in Tages- und Wochenzeitungen (21.07.2016 / 2016)

    Statement zur heutigen Sitzung des Rates der Europäischen Zentralbank (EZB)

    Marcel Fratzscher
    DIW Wochenbericht (29 / 2016)

    Berlin: Von der Start-up-Hauptstadt zur Wachstumsmetropole?: Editorial

    Marcel Fratzscher, Martin Gornig, Ronny Freier, Alexander S. Kritikos
    Beiträge in Tages- und Wochenzeitungen (28.06.2016 / 2016)

    Europe Needs to Show What It's Made Of

    Marcel Fratzscher

    Vorträge am DIW Berlin

  • Diskussionsteilnahme Zukunft der Industrie − den industriellen Wandel gemeinsam gestalten : Industrietagung 2016
    Berlin, 22.06.2016

    Panel mit Eingangsstatement
    Marcel Fratzscher

  • Moderation

    Europe at a Crossroads: How to Improve Economic Governance and Growth Performance of the Eurozone? : Presentation
    Berlin, 08.06.2016
    Marcel Fratzscher

  • Moderation

    Britain and Europe : Event of the Centre for European Reform and the DIW Berlin
    Berlin, 28.04.2016
    Marcel Fratzscher

  • Moderation

    Asian Development Outlook 2016 : Presentation
    Berlin, 30.03.2016
    Marcel Fratzscher

  • Vortrag Annual Conference 2016 of the Royal Economic Society : RES 2016
    Brighton, Großbritannien, 21.03.2016 - 23.03.2016

    When Is Foreign Exchange Intervention Effective? Evidence from 33 Countries
    Marcel Fratzscher, Oliver Gloede, Lukas Menkhoff, Lucio Sarno, Tobias Stöhr

  • CV - Short Version

    Marcel Fratzscher is President of DIW Berlin (German Institute for Economic Research), Professor of Macroeconomics and Finance at Humboldt-University Berlin, and Member of the Advisory Council of the Ministry of Economy of Germany. As an independent institute with more than 300 employees, DIW Berlin is one of the leading research institutes and think tanks in Europe. Its key tasks are applied research and policy advice, and it has its own PhD program.

    The work of Marcel Fratzscher focuses on topics in macroeconomics, monetary economics, financial markets and global economy. In September 2014, his book "The Germany Illusion: Why we overestimate our Economy and need Europe" was published. It reveals Germany's economic weaknesses and discusses critically the crisis of Europe. In his recent book "The Battle for Redistribution – Why Germany is becoming more unequal“ (March 2016) Marcel Fratzscher analyses the problems of the economy and society due to the high and rising inequality in Germany.

    His prior professional experience includes work as Head of the International Policy Analysis Division at the European Central Bank (ECB), where he worked from 2001 to 2012. His division was responsible for the preparation of ECB policy positions on global systemic economic and financial issues, on emerging economies and on issues related to the international monetary system. He was a visiting fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington D.C. in 2000-01. Before and during the Asian financial crisis in 1996-98, he worked in Indonesia as a Macroeconomic Policy Analyst at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta, for the Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID). He also spent shorter periods working at Mwaniki Associates in Kenya, the Asian Development Bank in the Philippines, and the World Bank in the US.

    He received a Ph.D. in Economics from the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy; a Master of Public Policy from Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government; a B.A. in Philoso¬phy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) from the University of Oxford, Trinity College; and a Vordiplom degree in Economics from Kiel University. He is a European citizen, having grown up and having obtained his primary and secondary education in Germany.

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