PhD in Economics

with a full-time scholarship at the DIW Graduate Center

Welcome to the DIW Graduate Center

We offer a fully funded 4-year Ph.D. program in economics.

Apply to the DIW Graduate Center, where academic excellence meets the stimulating environment of Germany’s largest economic think-tank.

Aside from our regular Program, the Graduate Center offers a series of Masterclasses and Minicourses, taught by established professors where advanced students get acquainted with the latest research methods.

Upcoming Graduates of our program are outstandingly qualified in scientific analysis of economic and social policy issues.

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20.10.2017, DIW Seminar on Macroeconomics and Financial Markets

Lower Oil Prices and the U.S. Economy: Is This Time Different?

25.10.2017, DIW Seminar on Macroeconomics and Financial Markets

Estimation of Operational Macromodels at the Zero Lower Bound

27.10.2017, DIW Applied Micro Seminar

Follow the Money: Piracy and Online Advertising

02.11.2017, Graduate Center Masterclasses

DSGE Models with Occasionally Binding Constraints

09.11.2017, Graduate Center Masterclasses

Quantile Regression for Panel Data and Sample Selection Models

10.11.2017, Graduate Center Masterclasses

Estimation of Games of Entry and Pricing Decisions

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