Department of the Executive Board

DIW Wochenbericht (46 / 2017)

Jamaika und die Zukunftsfähigkeit Deutschlands

Alexander S. Kritikos
DIW Economic Bulletin (43 / 2017)

There Is a Lot Left to Do to Reach Gender Equality in Germany: Editorial

Katharina Wrohlich
DIW Economic Bulletin (43 / 2017)

Gender Pay Gap Varies Greatly by Occupation

Katharina Wrohlich, Aline Zucco
DIW Economic Bulletin (43 / 2017)

Gender Gaps in Pensions and Health: Germany, France, and Denmark

Peter Haan, Anna Hammerschmid, Carla Rowold
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Annual Report 2013

The annual reports of DIW Berlin provide a comprehensive overview of the research activities, the organizational structure, and the partners of the Institute.

The annual report 2013
is only available in German and can be downloaded free of charge as a pdf document.