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30 May 2001

Housing Market in Russia: A disappointing Résumé

Conditions on the Russian housing market have barely improved since the transformation of the country. Although the housing market grew by 13,8% to 2761 Mio m² in the 1990s there was also an increase in the number of households (homecoming soldiers, increasing divorce rates). Since flats in most regions are no longer distributed by the state there are hardly any reliable data on the number of persons seeking accommodation. A newly shaped housing market as well as extremely devious and partly shady methods determine the distribution of flats. The poor quality of the buildings and lacking maintenance are furthermore factors that contribute to the housing shortage. Although almost 90% of all residential buildings have been constructed during the last 40 years a great number of them has already fallen into disrepair

10 April 2001

World wide economic activity is slowing down

The global expansion has slowed down noticeably since the middle of the year 2000. At the same time, a phase of especially high dynamics came to an end. On the one hand, it was decisive that the increase in oil prices stemmed economic activity. On the other hand, monetary policy slowed down in order to reduce the high pace of the economy by the middle of the year and to decrease accelerated inflation. In this respect, smaller economic expansion was wanted.

14 March 2001

Rise in oil-prices depresses private consumption in the second half of 2001 in Germany

Despite tax reform: stimulation of economy put at risk in 2001

Germany faced a slow increase in consumption last year. Particularly in the second half of 2000 consumption slowed down. This was due to weaker income impulses which were caused by weaker income impulses and an enormous rise in oil prices leading to extra costs in private households. Therefore, the private consumption only increased by 1,6 % throughout 2001.

7 March 2001

DIW reckons that crude oil will cost
between 22 to 28 dollars per barrel

The OPEC will succeed in keeping the prices for crude oil between 22 and 28 dollars per barrel. This conclusion is reached by the DIW in its weekly report. The OPEC's announcement to clearly cut back crude oil production as well as low stocks, particularly in the USA, have stopped a further drop-off in prices.

28 February 2001

Effective Support of International R&D activities

International liaison-offices R&D co-operations give a new impetus to small and medium sized businesses.

In its weekly report the DIW Berlin took positive stock of the initiative International Liaison Offices Research-Co-operations, an initiative which was started by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in 1995 and which was continued by the Federal Ministry of Economics in 1999.

28 February 2001

Long-term, full time employment: most frequent form of employment in Europe

DIW Berlin: Danish labour market could be an example to Germany

There is no erosion of the average contracts of employment in the German labour market states the DIW Berlin in its latest weekly report. The part time occupations and temporary jobs hold an increasing proportion in the labour market, though, not at the expense of full time jobs. More and more people work part-time, a tendency which can be observed throughout Europe.

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