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Increasing Block Tariffs in the Water Sector: An Interpreation in Terms of Social Preferences

Georg Meran, Christian von Hirschhausen
DIW Wochenbericht

Deutsche Wirtschaft überwindet Schwächephase: Wintergrundlinien 2014

Ferdinand Fichtner, Guido Baldi, Franziska Bremus, Karl Brenke, Christian Dreger, Hella Engerer, Christoph Große Steffen, Simon Junker, Claus Michelsen, Katharina Pijnenburg, Maximilian Podstawski, Malte Rieth und Kristina van Deuverden
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The Department of Energy, Transportation, Environment analyzes how an eco-friendly, competitive, and safe energy supply can be secured. The emphasis here is on sustainable energy supply, mobility and, above all, evaluating the costs of climate change and climate protection policy.

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Energy Transition to a Sustainable Energy Supply
The Future of Brown Coal

Modeling (for) the Energy Transformation

Research project MASMIE commissioned by the Mercator Foundation

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