Dr. Nolan Ritter

Dr. Nolan Ritter
Research Associate
Climate Policy
Field(s) of work
Climate Policy

    Publications at DIW Berlin

    Aufsätze referiert extern - ISI (1 / 2018)

    Housework Allocation in Germany: The Role of Income and Gender Identity

    Vivien Procher, Nolan Ritter, Colin Vance
    DIW Economic Bulletin (38 / 2017)

    2016 Heat Monitor: "Second Rent" Lower Despite Higher Heating Energy Consumption

    Claus Michelsen, Nolan Ritter
    DIW Wochenbericht (38 / 2017)

    Wärmemonitor 2016: die "zweite Miete" sinkt trotz gestiegenem Heizenergiebedarf

    Claus Michelsen, Nolan Ritter
    DIW Wochenbericht (38 / 2017)

    Energieeffizienz: Regulierung für Wohngebäude wirkt

    Claus Michelsen, Nolan Ritter
    Aufsätze referiert extern - ISI (2016)

    Short-Run Fuel Price Responses: At the Pump and on the Road

    Nolan Ritter, Christoph M. Schmidt, Colin Vance

    Lectures at DIW Berlin

  • Vortrag Seminar Series on Research in Development Economics: The Causal Effect of Village Schools on Afghan Children's Enrollment and Test Scores : DIW Berlin & Development Economics Network Berlin
    Berlin, 03.11.2016

    The Causal Effect of Village Schools on Afghan Children's Enrollment and Test Scores
    Nolan Ritter

  • Vortrag 3rd Berlin Conference on Energy and Electricity Economics (BELEC 2016): Towards a Lower Carbon Energy System in Germany, Europe, and World-Wide - Market Design, Technologies, and Business Models : Conference of the DIW Berlin and TU Berlin
    Berlin, 13.10.2016

    Auctions for Intraday Trading
    Karsten Neuhoff, Nolan Ritter

  • Vortrag 9th International Workshop on Empirical Methods in Energy Economics : EMEE 2016
    Oviedo, Spanien, 07.07.2016 - 08.07.2016

    The Causal Impact of Solar Electricity Generation on the Electricity Price
    Nolan Ritter, Sonja Rinne

  • Vortrag 2016 EPRG Spring Seminar
    Cambridge, Großbritannien, 12.05.2016 - 13.05.2016

    The Need for and Benefits of Intra-day Auctions : Evidence from Germany
    Karsten Neuhoff, Nolan Ritter, Aymen Salah Abou El-Enien, Philippe Vassilopoulos

  • CV - Short Version

    Nolan Ritter holds a diploma in economics from Universität Duisburg-Essen and was awarded a doctoral degree in economics by Universität Bochum. His dissertation thesis includes papers on the impact of efficiency improvements on energy consumption. He published articles in scientific journals including Energy Economics, Transportation Research Part A, Accident Analysis & Prevention, and Journal of Peace Research. In addition to publishing, he also reviewed articles for journals including The Energy Journal, Ecological Economics, and Energy Economics.

    Since April 2015, Nolan Ritter investigates the impact of emissions trading on the electricity price and contributes his expertise to several research projects, including a project on the design of policy measures to facilitate financing efficiency improvements.