Diana Schacht

Diana Schacht
Research Associate
Research Infrastructure
German Socio- Economic Panel study
Field(s) of work
Data Operation and Research Data Center (RDC SOEP)
Key activities
  • processes of migration and integration
  • social inequality
  • quantitative methods

    Publications at DIW Berlin

    Sonstige Publikationen des DIW / Aufsätze (2017)

    Bildung, Sprache und kognitive Potenziale

    Jürgen Schupp, Herbert Brücker, Hanna Brenzel, Jannes Jacobsen, Jana Jaworski, Yuliya Kosyakova,Elisabeth Liebau, Lisa Pagel, David Richter, Nina Rother, Diana Schacht, Jana A.Scheible, Manuel Siegert
    Sonstige Publikationen des DIW / Aufsätze (2017)

    Forced Migration, Arrival in Germany, and First Steps toward Integration

    Herbert Brücker, Nina Rother, Jürgen Schupp, Christian Babka von Gostomski, Axel Böhm, Tanja Fendel, Martin Friedrich, Marco Giesselmann, Yuliya Kosyakova, Martin Kroh, Simon Kühne, Elisabeth Liebau, David Richter, Agnese Romiti, Diana Schacht, Jana A. Scheible, Paul Schmelzer, Manuel Siegert, Steffen Sirries, Parvati Trübswetter, Ehsan Vallizadeh

    Lectures at DIW Berlin

  • Vortrag Junior Research Colloquium `Macro Sociology´, Freie Universität Berlin
    Berlin, 11.04.2018

    Do the Population Size and Distance of Immigrants’ Place of Residency Affect Their Language Acquisition Process? New Evidence on the Rural-Urban Continuum
    Diana Schacht

  • Vortrag Kolloquium Sozialstrukturanalyse : Universität Göttingen, Institut für Soziologie, Professur für Soziologie mit dem Schwerpunkt Sozialstrukturanalyse
    Göttingen, 01.12.2017

    Does the Population Size of Immigrants' Place of Residency Affect Their Language Acquisition Process? New Evidence on the Rural-Urban Continuum
    Diana Schacht, Jörg Hartmann

  • Vortrag Labor Market and Economic Perspectives on Large-Scale Migration in Sociology (LEMS) : Conference at the Mannheimer Zentrum für Europäische Sozialforschung (MZES)
    Mannheim, 17.11.2017 - 18.11.2017

    The Effect of Neighborhood Characteristics on Refugees' Language Acquisition Process
    Diana Schacht, Jörg Hartmann

  • Vortrag Conference of the European Consortium for Sociological Research : ECSR 2017
    Mailand, Italien, 31.08.2017 - 02.09.2017

    The Long-Term Consequences of Refugees' Initial Residential Allocation in Germany
    Diana Schacht, Jörg Hartmann

  • Vortrag Migration, Diversity and the City : 14th IMISCOE Annual Conference
    Rotterdam, Niederlande, 28.06.2017 - 30.06.2017

    Does Urban Place of Residence Affect Refugees’ Integration Process? A Study of Recently Arrived Refugees in Germany
    Diana Schacht

  • Research Projects

    Aktuelles Projekt

    Mentoring of Refugees (MORE)

    Themen: Demographie und Bevölkerung, Methodenforschung

    CV - Short Version

    2014-2015: Research assistant for the ORA project "Pathways", University of Bamberg.

    2012-2014: Research visits, Trinity College Dublin and  ERCOMER, Utrecht University.

    2009-2014: Research assistant for the NORFACE projekt "Causes and consequences of early socio-cultural integration processes among new immigrants in Europe", University of Göttingen and Bamberg.

    2007-2009: Student and lecturing assistant,  Chair of the Analysis of Social Structures, University of Göttingen.

    2004-2009: Diplom Sozialwissenschaften, University of Göttingen and Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.