BSEC - Berlin Seminar on Energy and Climate Policy

Berlin Seminar on Energy and Climate Policy

This seminar is organized by Climate Policy Department of DIW Berlin jointly with Öko Institut, PIK, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Wuppertal Institute, TU-Berlin and Ecologic Institute.

Place: DIW Berlin, Mohrenstraße 58, 10117 Berlin
Room (if not otherwise specified): Schumpeter Hall (1st floor)
Time: 12:30 - 14:30 (12:15 a small imbiss)


October 10th, 2016DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Hall)Phasing Out Inefficient Fossil Fuel Subsidies – Ways Forward for the G20
July 5th, 2016DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Hall)Brexit and Climate Policy
April 19th, 2016DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Hall)The Rebound Effect - Overrated Phenomenon or still the Elephant in the Room?
February 16th, 2016DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Hall)Dividing the effort for 2030: target calculation and flexibility options
January 12th, 2016DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Hall)Energy Efficiency - still the weak pillar of EU 2030 Climate and Energy and German Energiewende policies?


December 16th, 2015DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Hall)Signals for decarbonisation from COP21 in Paris?
November 5th, 2015DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Hall)Atomkraft – Eine nachhaltige Technologie für den Klimaschutz?
October 6th, 2015DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Saal)Gas Supply Security in an Energy Union
June 24th, 2015DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Hall)EU Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič  will present the EU's Energy Union strategy
April 15th, 2015DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Hall)Schneller im Club? Braucht die internationale Klimapolitik eine Überholspur für Pionierstaaten?
March 24th, 2015DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Hall)Quecksilberausstoß aus Kohlekraftwerken - Bestandsaufnahme und mögliche Konsequenzen
January 15th, 2015DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Hall)Climate Policy and Finance – next steps for an ambitious Paris deal


February 11th, 2014DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Hall)Next steps for EU ETS
Presentation Öko-Institut | PDF, 497.66 KB
March 19th, 2014DIW Berlin (Eleanor-Dulles-Raum)Carbon emissions embodied in consumption and trade
October 14th, 2014DIW Berlin (Eleanor-Dulles-Raum)The 2015 Climate Deal - Pathways to Ambitious Targets
November 10th, 2014DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Hall)New EU 2030 targets - will national policy deliver?


February 9th, 2012DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Saal)Energy Roadmap 2050: New Horizons or Dead End?
March 1st, 2012DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Saal)Offshore Grids in the North Sea: Long-Term Hopes and Short-Term Reality
May 3rd, 2012DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Saal)Bundesfachplanung Netzausbau in Deutschland und Europa – Wo geht die Reise hin?
July 6th, 2012DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Saal)Pricing Carbon - Tackling the Deficit and Enabling Growth?
November 6th, 2012DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Saal)How can the EU budget support EU climate policy?
Programm | PDF, 147.94 KB
December 4th, 2012DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Saal)Love your Neighbor - the German-Polish struggle with energy and climate


February 4th, 2010DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Saal)DESERTEC – the Scientific Assessment
March 18th, 2010DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Saal)Emission Trading, Linking, Offsetting…How Do They Interact with Complementary Policies and Support Mechanisms?
May 6th, 2010DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Saal)Low Carbon Development Plans – What Can We Learn from Economics and Energy System Modeling?
June 3rd, 2010DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Saal)CO2 Storage – European Storage Capacity, Monitoring of Leakage, and the Legal Framework
July 1st, 2010DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Saal)Carbon Leakage and the Fossil Fuel Channel
October 7th, 2010DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Saal)A Smart Power Market at the Center of a Smart Grid
November 4th, 2010DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Saal)Solar PV – Aligning German, Chinese and Climate Objectives
December 2nd, 2010DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Saal)Decarbonising the Transport Sector – Technology perspectives and instruments


October 8th, 2009DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Saal)Linking National and International Efforts on Carbon Pricing
November 9th, 2009DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Saal)Electricity Policy Modeling
December 3rd, 2009DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Saal)International Technology Cooperation to Achieve Climate Objectives