Energy, Transportation, Environment

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Research profile

The department evaluates energy, transportation, and environmental strategies for a sustainable development. Our research focuses on the energy transition and the question how energy and climate policies affect resource, environmental and transportation markets. Further, we analyse other externalities and imperfections in these markets.

We investigate how a low-carbon, competitive, and secure energy system can be achieved in the context of international climate protection policies and the German energy transition. In that context, we take into account specific regulatory and infrastructural aspects of energy and transportation markets.

We apply quantitative economic models and develop these further. In particular, we use optimisation and equilibrium models that allow evaluating the impacts of energy, transportation and environmental measures. Complementary, we use econometric methods. Our methodological work is integrated in international networks and provides a basis for policy advice, scientific research, and the promotion of young scientists.

Research Areas

Transformation of the Energy Economy
Resource and Environmental Markets
Transport Economics