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SOEPinfo is the online central informationsystem which works with the complex database of the German Socio Economic Panel (SOEP). There are currently two versions of SOEPinfo online. Both provide information on all variables for cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses (item correspondent list) including unweighted frequencies and numbers of observations. Additionally, they include the questionnaires in German and/or English language.

SOEPinfo v.2 gives information in a contemporary design not only on SOEP-Core, but also on the new data format SOEPlong, our innovation panel SOEP-IS, most of our pretests from past years, and the Berlin Aging Study II (Base II). It also documents the publications based on SOEP data (until now stored in the SOEPlit database).

The old version of SOEPinfo is restricted to SOEP-Core, but contains the programm generator that helps to write a command syntax for the selected variables in the statistics software SPSS, SAS, and Stata. This is a feature, that is still has to be tested for SOEPinfo v.2.

Additionally, we offer the codebooks for SOEP-Core with labels, frequencies and item correspondence as pdf files for download.