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Workshop: The Economic Consequences of Global Terrorism

Programme and Papers

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  Timetable   Final Timetable ( pdf )
  Models of Terrorism  

S. Brock Blomberg and Akila Weerapana, Wellesley College: "Terrorism from Within: An Economic Model of Terrorism" ( 892 KB, pdf )

Mario Ferrero, University of Eastern Piedmont: "Radicalisation as a Reaction to Failure: An Economic Model of Islamic Extremism" ( pdf )

Ira Gang, Rutgers University; Gil S. Epstein, Bar Ilan University: "Understanding the Development of Fundamentalism" ( pdf )

Sanjay Jain, University of Virginia: "Extremists Beliefs and Beliefs about Extremists: Common Knowledge in the Wake of Mass Terror" ( pdf )

Todd Sandler, USC: "An Economic Perspective on Transnational Terrorism" ( pdf )

Ronald Wintrobe, University of Western Ontario: "The Demand for Terrorism" ( pdf )

  Terrorism and Macroeconomic Growth   Jurgen Brauer, Augusta State University: "Decomposing Violence: Political Murder in Colombia" ( pdf )
Related papers ( pdf )

Bart Hobijn, Federal Reserve Bank New York: "What Will Homeland Security Cost"

Mansoob Murshed, UNU/WIDER, Helsinki and Insitute of Social Studies, The Hague: "Social Contract, Debt Relief and International Terrorism" (prov. Title) ( pdf )

Mansoob Murshed , UNU/WIDER, Helsinki and Insitute of Social Studies, The Hague: "From Conflict to Reconstruction: Reviving the Social Contract" ( pdf )

Peter Walkenhorst, OECD: "Trade Impacts of Global Terrorism" (pdf )

Volker Nitsch, Bankgesellschaft Berlin and Dieter Schumacher, DIW Berlin: "Terrorism and Trade" ( pdf )

  The Effects of Terrorism on Individual Markets   Emmanuel Athanassiou, University of Athens: "Terrorism, Transaction Costs and Mode of Governance" ( pdf )

Konstantinos Drakos, University of Essex: "Financial and Employment Effects of Terrorism in the Aftermath of September 11: The Case of the Aviation Industry" ( pdf )

Valpy FitzGerald, Oxford: "Global Financial Information, Compliance Incentives and Conflict Funding" ( pdf )

Philip Lawrence, UWE Bristol: "Terrorism and Safety Perceptions: he Economic Impact of Terrorism on the World Civil Aviation Industry" ( pdf )

Tom Siems, Federal Reserve Bank Dallas: "An Empirical Analysis of the Capital Market´s Response to Cataclysmic Events" (1,02MB pdf )

Michael Wolgast, German Insurance Association: "Global Terrorism and the Insurance Industry: New Challenges and Policy Responces" presentation and paper and coresponding tables ( all pdf )

  Anti-Terrorist Policies   Sanjeev Gupta, IMF: "Fiscal Dimensions of Armed Conflicts in Low- and Middle-Income Countries" ( pdf )

Donato Masciandaro, Bocconi University; Alessandro Portolano, Bank of Italy: "Inside the Black (List) Box: Money Laundering, Lax Financial Regulation, Non-Cooperative Countries" ( 582 KB, pdf )

Dennis C. Mueller, University of Vienna: "Right and Citizenship in a World of Transnational Terrorism" ( pdf )

Simon Lüchinger, University of Zuerich: "Terrorism: Deterrence may backfire" ( pdf )

Friedrich Schneider, Johannes Kepler University Linz: "Money Supply for Terrorism- The Hidden Financial Flows of Islamic Terrorist Organisations" ( pdf )

      Related Papers Not Presented at the Workshop
      Matthias Schramm, Markus Taube: "The Institutional Foundations of Al Qaida's Global Financial System" ( pdf )
  Disclaimer   The views expressed in these papers do not necessarily represent those of the DIW Berlin or of the Programme Committee.