Data Operation and Research Data Center (RDC SOEP)

The research area at a glance
German Socio- Economic Panel study

Research Area

Data Operation and Research Data Center (RDC SOEP)

Research profile

The anonymized data delivered by Infratest Sozialforschung, Munich, is processed in this research area in such a manner that it can be used for both cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses.

Therefore, we generate user-friendly variables and convert the data to all the widely-used statistical program formats.

Weighting of the SOEP-Sample, item and unit nonresponse analyses, methods of imputation in the case of nonresponse and the provision of small area indicators are other main reseach activities. We document these activities and provide information about them to users and other interested scholars on the Internet (see SOEP-Documentation).

SOEP data is being used more and more in international comparative studies by researchers both in Germany and abroad. The department participates in a number of international research cooperations which serve the purpose of establishing SOEP as a part of the international data infrastructure. The project's goal is to strengthen the empirical foundation for international comparative cross-sectional and longitudinal studies.

Division Head: Dr. Jan Goebel