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COMBIVAL: Stata Module to Combine Levels of a Categorical Variable over Observation Groups Klaudia Erhardt, Ralf Künster 2015, 4 Files
(Statistical Software Components ; S458023)


COMBIVAL is a Stata ado file, distributed via the Statistical Software Components (SSC) archive. COMBIVAL combines levels of a categorical variable over observation groups. The variables generated by COMBIVAL show, for each observation, the levels of the variable that occur in any observation of the group. For example, COMBIVAL can be used to display parallel spelltypes if used with spell data. Or to display characteristics of the different household members in individual data containing person ID and household ID.

To access the program, type the command "ssc describe combival" from within Stata and follow the instructions. To download the auxiliary test data you have to set the Stata working directory to a directory where you have rights to write to. See the help file of COMBIVAL for a detailed description of the functions and examples of how to use the command.


Stata program, ado file, data management, data exploration, data analysis, categorical variables