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Video vom 17.06.2016:

BCCP Conference and Policy Forum 2016

Welcome address by BCCP speaker Tomaso Duso

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Big data is transforming the world we live in. The instant availability of information impacts how individuals consume, how businesses thrive or fail, how society makes scientific discoveries, as well as how governments design and implement informed policies. At a pace and scale unanticipated 20 years ago, information technology is enabling consumers globally. Uncountable services make use of a wealth of information generated largely by recording consumer actions. Privacy concerns and ways to regulate businesses handling sensitive information are now at the forefront of international policy debates. This conference highlights the benefits and challenges triggered by the big data revolution, consumer privacy concerns, as well as two important policy areas where the tremendous growth of information and analytic capabilities have had a major impact: competition policy and consumer protection. What do we know about consumers’ privacy concerns? How do firms’ incentives impact effective privacy regulation? How do competitive firms balance the provision of value to consumers using big data vs. privacy concerns? How do privacy issues influence government authorities’ work?

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