Social Affairs and Health

SOEPpapers (2017)

Reconsidering the Income-Illness Relationship using Distributional Regression: An Application to Germany

Alexander Silbersdorff, Julia Lynch, Stephan Klasen, Thomas Kneib
SOEPpapers (2017)

Does Broadband Internet Affect Fertility?

Francesco C. Billari, Osea Giuntella, Luca Stella
SOEPpapers (2017)

Equality of Opportunity for Well-Being

Daniel Gerszon Mahler, Xavier Ramos
SOEPpapers (2017)

The Personality Profiles of Early Adopters of Energy-Efficient Technology

Ante Busic-Sontic, Franz Fuerst
DIW Wochenbericht (34 / 2017)

Elterngeld hat soziale Normen verändert

Ulrike Unterhofer, Clara Welteke, Katharina Wrohlich
SOEPpapers (2017)

Smoking Behaviour in Germany: Evidence from the SOEP

Daniela Heilert, Ashok Kaul
Diskussionspapiere/ Discussion Papers (2017)

Worries across Time and Age in Germany: Bringing Together Open- and Close-Ended Questions

Julia M. Rohrer, Martin Bruemmer, Jürgen Schupp, Gert G. Wagner
DIW Wochenbericht (26 / 2017)

Einführung des Elterngeldes hat Ungleichheit in kindlicher Entwicklung nicht erhöht

Mathias Huebener, Daniel Kühnle, C. Katharina Spieß