Prof. Dr. Anne Neumann

Prof. Dr. Anne Neumann
Research Associate
Executive Board
Key activities
  • Empirical IO
  • Regulation of Network Industries
  • Energy Economics

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    Selected Research Projects

    Abgeschlossenes Projekt

    INNODRIVE (Intangible Capital and Innovations: Drivers of Growth and Location in the EU)

    Themen: Konjunktur, Wachstum, Wirtschaftsstruktur, Wirtschaftsordnung und Wirtschaftspolitik, Forschung und Entwicklung, Betriebswirtschaft und Unternehmensorganisation

    CV - Short Version

    2007 Dr. rer. pol. TU Dresden, 'Reforms of International Markets for Natural Gas'

    2004 Dipl.-Vw. EUV Viadrina, 'Security of Supply in European Natural Gas Markets'

    Research Interests

    • Empirical economic research applied to international resource markets, contracts, international trade and market integration
    • Regulation of network industries
    • Specialization in industrial organization with applications to energy markets

    Latest Publications

    • The Globalization of Steam Coal Markets and the Role of Logistics: An Empirical Analysis. Energy Economics (forthcoming) (with Aleksandar Zaklan, Astrid Cullmann and Christian von Hirschhausen) (2011)
    • Overcoming Data Limitations in Nonparametric Benchmarking: Applying PCA-DEA to Natural Gas Transmission. Review of Network Economics, Vol. 9, No. 2 (with Maria Nieswand and Astrid Cullmann) (2010).
    • Supply Security and Natural Gas. In: F. Lévêque et al. (eds.) (2010): “Security of Energy Supply in Europe: Natural Gas, Nuclear, and Hydrogen”, Edward Elgar Publ (with Christian von Hirschhausen, Franziska Holz, and Sophia Rüster).
    • Does the European Natural Gas Market Pass the Competitive Benchmark of the Theory of Storage? Indirect Tests for Three Major Trading Points. Energy Policy, Vol. 37, No. 12, pp. 5432-5439 (with Marcus Stronzik and Margarethe Rammerstorfer) (2009).
    • Expected vs. Observed Storage Usage: Limits to Intertemporal Arbitrage (with Georg Zachmann). in Creti, Anna (ed.) (2009): The Economics of Natural Gas Storage: A European Perspective. Springer.
    • Linking Natural Gas Markets – Is LNG Doing its Job? Energy Journal, Vol. 30, pp. 187-199. (2009).
    • Divestiture as an Instrument of a Pro-active Competition Policy: Conceptual Issues and Lessons from International Experiences. The Electricity Journal, Vol. 23, No. 3, pp. 57-69 (with Hannes Weigt and Christian von Hirschhausen) (2009).
    • Linking Alternative Theories of the Firm – A First Empirical Application to the Liquefied Natural Gas Industry. Journal of Institutional Economics, Vol. 5, No. 1,  pp. 47-64 (with Sophia Rüster) (2009).

    Work in Progress

    • The Globalization of Steam Coal Markets and the Role of Logistics: An Empirical Analysis (with Aleksandar Zaklan, Astrid Cullmann and Christian von Hirschhausen).
    • Demand Response from CO2-Prices in Energy-intensive Industries (with Misato Sato and Karsten Neuhoff).
    • Removing Cross-Border Capacity Bottlenecks in the European Natural Gas Market (with Juan Rosellon and Hannes Weigt).
    • Natural Gas Storage: Competitive Storage vs. Strategic Behavior (with Georg Zachmann).
    • The Role of Transport Capacities and Corporate Strategies in Global Resource Markets (with Sophia Rüster).

    Other Merits

    • Referee: The Energy Journal, Energy Policy, Energy Economics, Energy Studies Review, The Review of International Organisations, Economic Inquiry, Applied Economics, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Canadian Journal of Economiics.
    • Workshop organizer at the European School on New Institutional Economics (ESNIE) (June 2010, Cargese, France).
    • Co-Organizer and Member of the Scientific Committee, Enerday Workshop on Energy Economics and Technology, TU Dresden (2006-2008).
    • Co-founder of the European Doctoral Seminar on Natural Gas (2005),
    • Junior Trainer at the INFRATRAIN (Training in Infrastructure Research): Project Design and Contractual Structure – Focus on Energy Infrastructure (October 2005, TU Berlin).