Private Households

DIW Economic Bulletin (42 / 2017)

Day Care Centers: Family Expenditures Increased Significantly at Some Points between 1996 and 2015

Sophia Schmitz, C. Katharina Spieß, Juliane F. Stahl
SOEPpapers (2017)

Where Does the Good Shepherd Go? Civic Virtue and Sorting into Public Sector Employment

Omar Adam Ayaita, Filiz Gülal, Philip Yang
DIW Economic Bulletin (41 / 2017)

Financial Literacy Promotes Financial Inclusion in Both Poor and Rich Countries

Antonia Grohmann, Lukas Menkhoff
DIW Wochenbericht (41 / 2017)

Kindertageseinrichtungen: Ausgaben der Familien sind von 1996 bis 2015 mitunter deutlich gestiegen

Sophia Schmitz, C. Katharina Spieß, Juliane F. Stahl
DIW Wochenbericht (41 / 2017)

Finanzbildung fördert finanzielle Inklusion in armen und reichen Ländern

Antonia Grohmann und Lukas Menkhoff
Diskussionspapiere/ Discussion Papers (2017)

Does Quality of Early Childhood Education and Care Affect the Home Learning Environment of Children?

Susanne Kuger, Jan Marcus, C. Katharina Spiess
SOEPpapers (2017)

Reconsidering the Income-Illness Relationship using Distributional Regression: An Application to Germany

Alexander Silbersdorff, Julia Lynch, Stephan Klasen, Thomas Kneib
SOEPpapers (2017)

Equality of Opportunity for Well-Being

Daniel Gerszon Mahler, Xavier Ramos