Policy Dialogue on the assessment and convergence of RES policy in EU Member States (DIA-CORE)

Abteilung(en)/ Infrastruktureinrichtung
Abgeschlossenes Projekt
seit/von 2013 bis 2016
European Commission
In Kooperation mit
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Systems- and Innovations Research
  • Vienna University of Technology, Energy Economics Group
  • Ecofys Netherlands bv
  • Eclareon GmbH
  • National Technical University of Athens
  • Lithuanian Energy Institute
  • Center for European Policy Studies
  • University of Utrecht
  • AXPO Austria
Karsten Neuhoff
Ansprechpartner im DIW Berlin


Project description

The core aim of DIA-CORE is to ensure a continuous assessment of the existing policy mechanisms and to establish a fruitful stakeholder dialogue on future policy needs for renewable electricity (RES-E), heating & cooling (RES-H), and transport (RES-T). The project consortium assesses the role that policies play in the support of renewable energies. Looking at individual EU member states, risk profiles are evaluated and policy recommendations given.

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Please find more information on the project here

DIA-CORE Policy Brief from November 2015 can be found here | PDF, 450.24 KB

T. Grau, K. Neuhoff (2015): Interactions of national support schemes with the global market and implications for coordination of support schemes


Monographien/ Sammelwerke extern (2014)

Assessing the Performance of Renewable Energy Support Policies with Quantitative Indicators: Update 2014

Anne Held, Mario Ragwitz, Inga Boie, Fabian Wigand, Luis Janeiro, Corinna Klessmann, Christian Nabe, Charlotte Hussy, Karsten Neuhoff, Thilo Grau, Sebastian Schwenen