Dr. Nils May

Dr. Nils May
Research Associate
Climate Policy
Field(s) of work
Climate Policy
Key activities

Environmental and Energy Economics,  Applied Econometrics

    Publications at DIW Berlin

    Aufsätze referiert extern - ISI (2019)

    The Local Economic Impact of Wind Power Deployment

    Nils May; Øivind A. Nilsen
    Monographien/ Sammelwerke extern (2018)

    Cost Benefit Analysis of Sets and Alternative Local Small-Scale Storage Options

    Ciara O'Dwyer, Wolf-Peter Schill, Alexander Zerrahn ...
    DIW Wochenbericht (2018)

    Flexible Nutzung von Nachtspeicherheizungen kann ein kleiner Baustein für die Energiewende sein

    Wolf-Peter Schill, Alexander Zerrahn, Nils May, Karsten Neuhoff
    Diskussionspapiere extern (2018)

    Kě-zài-shēng-néng-yuán-zhèng-cè: fēng-xiǎn-fáng-fàn-zhèng-chù-yú-hé-xīn-wèi-zhi

    Nils May, Ingmar Jürgens, Karsten Neuhoff
    Diskussionspapiere/ Discussion Papers (2018)

    Renewable Energy Policy in the Age of Falling Technology Costs

    Karsten Neuhoff, Nils May, Jörn C. Richstein

    Lectures at DIW Berlin

  • Vortrag 6th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists : WCERE 2018
    Göteborg, Schweden, 25.06.2018 - 29.06.2018

    Too Good to Be True? How Time-Inconsistent Renewable Energy Policies Deter Investments
    Nils May, Olga Chiappinelli

  • Vortrag 23nd Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists : EAERE 2017
    Athen, Griechenland, 28.06.2017 - 01.07.2017

    Cost-Efficient investments? Policy Impacts on Financing Costs
    Nils May

  • Vortrag 40th Annual IAEE International Conference
    Singapur, Singapur, 18.06.2017 - 21.06.2017

    The Impact of Wind Power Support Schemes on Technology Choices
    Nils May

  • Vortrag 11th Conference on The Economics of Energy and Climate Change
    Toulouse, Frankreich, 06.06.2017 - 07.06.2017

    Financing Power: Impacts of Energy Policies in Changing Regulatory Environments
    Nils May

  • Vortrag International Conference Windfarms 2017
    Madrid, Spanien, 31.05.2017 - 02.06.2017

    The Impact of Wind Power Support Schemes on Technology Choices
    Nils May

  • Research Projects

    Abgeschlossenes Projekt

    Policy Dialogue on the assessment and convergence of RES policy in EU Member States (DIA-CORE)

    Themen: Aktueller Schwerpunkt: Energiewende zu einer nachhaltigen Energieversorgung, Energieökonomik
    Abgeschlossenes Projekt


    Themen: Energieökonomik

    CV - Short Version

    Nils May is a research associate in the DIW's Climate Policy department. In his research, he focuses on analyses regarding the transformation towards a carbon-neutral energy future. In his PhD, he analyzed the financing and integration of renewable energies as well as optimal policy design. Previously, he studied in Bergen (Norway), Berkeley (USA), Ludwigshafen (Germany) and Shanghai (China) and worked for IT-company SAP.