Interactive Research Process

Doctoral students at the DIW Graduate Center pursue their dissertations on a wide range of different topics. Young postgraduates will be integrated into an interactive research process with close contact to excellent scholars. Further, as an independent research institute with thorough experience in policy consulting, DIW Berlin has access to many policy decision makers. 

Click here for more information on the research conducted at the different departments of the DIW.

Individual Career Development Plan

At the start of the second year, each student is matched with a doctoral supervisor, who serves as the chief contact for the student. The supervisor and the dean collaborate to develop a well-customized training and research program for the student. Each student will be given individual advice on his or her research career focusing on both scientific objectives and personal development.

Masterclasses and Minicourses

GC Masterclasses, taught by globally renowned guest lecturers, are a series of 1-2 day courses covering a wide range of topics of interest to economists. A list of current Masterclasses can be found here.

GC Minicourses, taught by DIW or guest lecturers, are a series of workshops covering a wide range of topics of interest to economists. A list of current Minicourses can be found here.

Scientific Skills Workshops

The Graduate Center offers a number of “scientific skills” workshops that complement the formal training and dissertation writing. Focusing on soft-skills, these workshops are practically oriented and aim to improve crucial complementary skills such as:

  • Academic Writing
  • Scientific Presenting
  • Communicating Scientific Results in Popular Media
  • Publishing in Journals and Writing Abstracts
  • Applied Econometrics and Programming
  • Job Market Training with Mock Interviews

Here you can find more information about our upcoming Scientific Skills Workshops

GC Summer Workshop

Each year, the Graduate Center organizes a three-day Summer Workshop (Klausurtagung) in a hotel. There doctoral students present their research results and engage in various free time social activities.


Social Activities

The institute strives to promote the networking between doctoral students. Besides the numerous seminars and masterclasses, young researchers meet weekly at the "GC Coffee Break" in the lounge of the institute in order to exchange ideas. Once a month, the student representatives organize the "Thirsty Third" evening when all GC students meet in a local bar and talk in a casual atmosphere.



Upon completion of the PhD thesis students get a doctorate degree, usualy at one of the Graduate Center’s partner universities Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, or Technische Universität Berlin, (as well as universities outside of Berlin) depending on the affiliation of the student’s supervisor.

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