Program of the SOEP 2014 11th International German Socio-Economic Panel User Conference

Program as of June 27, 2014

Monday June 30th, 2014 (morning)

Venue: Hertie School of Governance (HSoG), Forum A and B

8:30 - 9:30
9:30 - 11:00

Plenary Session I

Welcome Address
Marcel Fratzscher (President DIW Berlin)

Recent Developments in the SOEP
Chair: Jürgen Schupp (Director SOEP)

The Family of SOEP Longitudinal Studies (Jürgen Schupp)

SOEP-Migration 2013/2014 (Martin Kroh)

SOEP-Innovation Sample - SOEP-IS (David Richter)

DDI on Rails (Marcel Hebing)

11:00 - 11:30Coffee Break
11:30 - 13:00

Plenary Session II

Keynote Speech I
Patricia McManus (Indiana University, Bloomington/USA):
The Next Generation: Family Background and Prospects for Immigrant Incorporation in Germany, Great Britain, and the United States

 13:00 - 14:30Lunch

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Monday June 30th, 2014 (afternoon)

Venue: HSoG Forum A and B, DIW Berlin

14:30 - 17:30 Parallel Sessions
Parallel S1
Well-Being and the Labor Market

Chair: Jürgen Schupp (FU Berlin and SOEP at DIW Berlin)
Parallel S2
Life-Course Perspectives on Inequality
Chair: Marco Giesselmann (SOEP at DIW Berlin) and Martina Dieckhoff (WZB Berlin)

Parallel S3
Chair: Jan Marcus and Frauke Peter (both DIW Berlin)

Parallel S4
Chair: Anika Rasner (SOEP at DIW Berlin)
Parallel S5
Health: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Chair: Thomas Siedler (University of Hamburg and SOEP at DIW Berlin)
Schumpeter Hall, DIW Berlin Forum A and B, HSoG 5.2010, DIW Berlin 1.2026, DIW Berlin 2.30, HSoG

Working hours mismatch and well-being: comparative evidence from Australian and German panel data
Franziska Kugler, Andrea Wiencierz and Christoph Wunder

Abstract | PDF, 42.33 KB

Trends in partner effects on female employment dynamics in Germany
Leen Vandecasteele and Frederike Esche

Abstract | PDF, 308.64 KB

Stated and Revealed Heterogeneous Risk Preferences in Educational Choice
Frank Fossen and Daniela Glocker

Abstract | PDF, 89.84 KB
Paper | PDF, 0.9 MB

Normative and Allocation Role Strain: Role Incompatibility, Outsourcing, and the Transition to a Second Birth in Eastern and Western Germany
Liat Raz-Yurovich

Abstract | PDF, 20.46 KB

The effects of smoking bans on self-assessed health: evidence from Germany
Daniel Kuehnle and Christoph Wunder

Abstract and paper | PDF, 139.38 KB

Job loss, unemployment, and post-unemployment subjective well-being

Jonas Voßemer

Abstract | PDF, 75.77 KB
Presentation | PDF, 262.45 KB

Couples’ Strategies to Buffer Income After Job Loss: The Added Worker Effect and Linked Life Courses
Martin Ehlert

Abstract | PDF, 181.15 KB

Competing With Your Brother and Your Sister:
Estimating and Explaining Differences within Families in Educational Outcomes
Michael Grätz

Abstract | PDF, 60.22 KB

Migration to the US and Marital Mobility
Rebekka Christopoulou and Dean R. Lillard

Abstract and paper
| PDF, 0.66 MB

The Effect of Disability on Life Satisfaction and Self-Rated Health: Resilience is Not the Prototypical Pattern
Frank J. Infurna and Maja Wiest

Abstract | PDF, 162.45 KB
Paper | PDF, 0.52 MB

The detrimental effects of job loss. Analyzing the consequences of unemployment on life satisfaction and domain satisfaction among couples
Frederike Esche

Abstract | PDF, 137.58 KB
Presentation | PDF, 1.1 MB

Homeownership and Saving in a Life-Course Perspective
Philipp M. Lersch

Abstract | PDF, 53.42 KB
Paper | PDF, 259.82 KB

The impact of tuition fees on educational inequality
Michael Bahrs, Thomas Siedler and Benjamin Streim

Abstract | PDF, 100.51 KB
Presentation | PDF, 214.69 KB

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Predicting husbands' and wives' exit-options and analyzing its impact on marital stability
Bastian Hartmann

Abstract | PDF, 88.56 KB
Presentation | PDF, 255.35 KB

The Effects of Switching Health Insurance on Individual Health
Jan Kleibrink and Thu-Van Nguyen

Abstract | PDF, 76.52 KB

Presentation | PDF, 373.84 KB

Income losses, personality and well-being: Which personality types are the most psychologically resilient to losses in income?
Christopher J. Boyce and
Alex M. Wood

Abstract | PDF, 73.5 KB

Occupational Stratification of Voluntary Work in Retirement: Empirical Evidence from Germany
Holger Lengfeld and Jessica Ordemann

Abstract | PDF, 97.78 KB
Paper | PDF, 0.74 MB

Religious Denomination, Minority Status, and Educational Success in West Germany
Thorsten Schneider and Julia Dohrmann

Abstract | PDF, 30.44 KB

The Impact of the Welfare State on Divorce Risk and the Role of Risk Attitudes in Germany
Christian Schmitt and Heike Trappe

Abstract | PDF, 30.22 KB

How does availability of county-level care characteristics shape late-life development in well-being?
Nina Vogel, Denis Gerstorf, Nilam Ram, Jan Goebel and Gert G. Wagner

Abstract | PDF, 74.6 KB

Sick of your Job? - Health Effects of Non-Optimal Employment Situations
Jan Kleibrink

Abstract | PDF, 70.65 KB
Paper | PDF, 369.61 KB

The change of employment status and wage before and after parental leave in Germany: Economic theory and empirical evidence
Alexander Labeit

| PDF, 12.68 KB
Presentation | PDF, 1.43 MB

Who dares, wins? A sibling-analysis on tertiary education transition in Germany
Tamás Keller and Guido Neidhöfer

Abstract (update) and paper | PDF, 0.83 MB

A Multidimensional Approach to Inequality of Opportunity
Charlotte Bartels and Maximilian Stockhausen

Abstract and paper | PDF, 497.7 KB

Presentation | PDF, 0.65 MB

Health Behavior in the Worker's Paradise? Did Forty years of German Socialism Lead to Different Smoking Behavior?
Katrin Johansen and Dean Lillard

Abstract | PDF, 62.02 KB

How does day-care availability affect parental well-being? Disentangling contradictory mechanisms
Pia S. Schober and Juliane F. Stahl

Abstract | PDF, 151.07 KB
Presentation | PDF, 0.58 MB

 What drives the reversal of the gender education gap? Evidence from Germany
Regina T. Riphahn and Caroline Schwientek

Abstract and paper | PDF, 193.62 KB
Fairness of the pension system with heterogenous life expectancy - evidence from a structural life cycle model
Peter Haan, Daniel Kemptner and Victoria Prowse

Abstract | PDF, 77.36 KB


Venue: HSoG Forum A and B

17:45 - 18:30

Poster Session I

Chair: David Richter (SOEP at DIW Berlin)


Maximilian Sommer and Sandra Hubert: "Sensitivity of income-based poverty indicators after decomposition in diverse sub-populations in Germany" (Abstract | PDF, 78.62 KB )

Heiko Stüber, Markus M. Grabka and Daniel D. Schnitzlein: "Wage Inequality and Mobility in Germany – Evidence from a Comparison of Administrative and Survey Data" (Abstract | PDF, 78.7 KB )

Bettina Schuck: "Better overeducated than unemployed? Early career consequences of overeducation at labor market entry" (Abstract | PDF, 111.45 KB (update) and poster | PDF, 249.68 KB )

Data issues

Parvati Trübswetter: "An Overview over the IAB-SOEP Migration Sample as part of the SOEP" (Abstract | PDF, 32.11 KB )

Siegmar Otto, Ulf Kröhne, David Richter and Florian G. Kaiser: "Measures of environmental attitude in the SOEP. The superior validity and societal relevance of a behavior-based environmental attitude measure" (Abstract | PDF, 87.9 KB )

John Körtner and David Richter: "The Influence of Personality on Panel Attrition" (Abstract | PDF, 48.53 KB )

David Richter, Maria Metzing, Richard E. Lucas, Jürgen Schupp: "The day reconstruction method in face-to-face-interviews in the German Socio-Economic Panel" 

Attitudes and well being

Elisa Helms, David Richter, Gert G. Wagner and Roland Weierstall: "Reciprocal Relations Between Stress, Socio-Economic Risk Factors and Psychological Well-Being in the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP)" (Abstract | PDF, 42.22 KB , Poster | PDF, 1.85 MB )

Alexandra Avdeenko, Christian Krekel and Laurine Martinoty: "Natural Disasters and Environmental Concerns: The Case of the 2013 Flood in Germany" (Abstract | PDF, 57.62 KB )

18:30 Aperitivo

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Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 (morning)

Venue: HSoG Forum A and B, DIW Berlin

09:00 - 11:00Parallel Sessions
Parallel S6
Household Income: Inequalities and Decomposition
Chair: Markus Grabka (SOEP at DIW Berlin)
Parallel S7
Life Satisfaction Research: New Directions

Chair: John Haisken-DeNew (Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research)
Parallel S8
Sociological and Economic Directions in Migration Research
Chair: Ingrid Tucci (SOEP at DIW Berlin)
Parallel S9
Labor Market Inequalities I
Chair: David Brady (WZB Berlin)
Parallel S10
Intergenerational Studies
Chair: Pia S. Schober (SOEP at DIW Berlin, HSoG and FU Berlin)
Schumpeter Hall, DIW Berlin Forum A and B, HSoG 5.2010, DIW Berlin 2.30, HSoG 1.2026, DIW Berlin
From Gross Wages to Net Household Income: a Distributional Analysis of the Gender Wage Gap
Patricia Gallego Granados and Johannes Geyer

Abstract | PDF, 174.06 KB
How does the stock market affect subjective expectations of the future? Evidence from linking financial data to survey responses
Christoph Wunder

Abstract | PDF, 21.15 KB
Pathways between Perceived Discrimination and Health among Immigrants: Evidence from Germany
Reinhard Schunck, Katharina Reiss and Oliver Razum

Abstract | PDF, 78.06 KB

Atypical Employment: Types of Employment Careers and Socio-economic Risks
Petra Böhnke, Janina Zeh and Sebastian Link

Abstract | PDF, 57.79 KB

Presentation | PDF, 184.25 KB

Intergenerational transmission of volunteering - Socialization and status transmission effects disentangled?
Belit Şaka

Abstract | PDF, 322.37 KB
Presentation | PDF, 0.73 MB
Bayesian Structured Additive Distributional Regression with an Application to Regional Income Inequality in Germany
Nadja Klein, Thomas Kneib, Stefan Lang, and Alexander Sohn

Abstract (update) and paper | PDF, 0.52 MB
Continuous time modelling with the R package CT-SEM: Accounting for measurement intervals in SOEP life satisfaction measures
Charles Driver

Abstract | PDF, 94.71 KB

When parental background matters:
The intergenerational mobility and assimilation of Italian immigrants in Germany
Timm Bönke and Guido Neidhöfer

Abstract (update)

Getting a job: the effect of employment sectors and men's and women's networks
Andrea Zochert

Abstract | PDF, 165.59 KB
Presentation | PDF, 149.93 KB
The Effect of Inequalities within Families on Occupational Aspirations of Adolescents
Henrik Pruisken

Abstract | PDF, 353.89 KB
Presentation | PDF, 0.59 MB
Earnings Mobility Traps in the Work-Life Cycle – Empirical Evidence from Selected Countries
Veronika V. Eberharter

Abstract | PDF, 43.77 KB
Trajectories Of Life Satisfaction: Positive Feedback Loops May Explain Why Life Satisfaction Changes In Multi-Year Waves, Rather Than Oscillating Around A Set-Point
Bruce W. Headey and Ruud Muffels

Abstract (update) | PDF, 37.29 KB

Paper | PDF, 405.65 KB
Intergenerational Integration Trajectories: Status Transmission along Immigrant Life Courses
Anne-Luise Baumann

Abstract | PDF, 112.56 KB
The Short-Term Consequences of Unemployment Revisited
Sebastian Beil

| PDF, 91.96 KB
Presentation | PDF, 366.32 KB
Parental transmission of non-cognitive skills and school outcomes
Susanne Schührer

Abstract | PDF, 34.9 KB

 Decomposition of Changes in the German Income Distribution: Evidence from Microsimulation
Robin Jessen

Abstract | PDF, 378.58 KB
Well-being over the Life Course
Josef Brüderl and Fabian Kratz

Abstract | PDF, 71.17 KB
The Effect of Language Deficiency on Immigrant Labor Market Outcomes in Germany
Ingo E. Isphording, Sebastian Otten and Mathias Sinning

Abstract | PDF, 392.63 KB
 Get it started – How Parents’ Unemployment affects the Duration until the First Job
Michael Kind

Abstract | PDF, 141.94 KB

11:00 - 11:30 Coffee Break (HSoG)
Venue: HSoG Forum A and B
 11:30 - 13:00

Plenary Session III

Keynote Speech II:
Jacques Silber (Bar Illan University, Ramat-Gan/Israel):
Inequality, Globalization and Labor Markets
Abstract | PDF, 63.81 KB

13:00 - 14:30 Lunch

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Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 (afternoon)

Venue: HSoG Forum A and B, DIW Berlin

14:30 - 16:45 Parallel Sessions
Parallel S11
Labor Market Economics
Chair: Jennifer Hunt (Rutgers University)
Parallel S12
Personality and Economic Outcomes
Chair: Carsten Schröder (FU Berlin and SOEP at DIW Berlin)
Parallel S13
Regional Data Linkage
Chair: Jan Goebel (SOEP at DIW Berlin)
Parallel S14
Labor Market Inequalities II
Chair: Johannes Giesecke (HU Berlin)
 Schumpeter Hall, DIW Berlin Forum A and B, HSoG 1.2.026, DIW Berlin 2.30, HSoG
Does the Glass Ceiling Exist?: A Cross-National Perspective on Gender Income Mobility
Ira N. Gang, John Landon-Lane and Myeong-Su Yun

Abstract | PDF, 15.28 KB

A Second Wave of Behavioural Economics: Towards an Individual Specific Economic Science
Alex Wood and Christopher Boyce

Abstract | PDF, 95.53 KB
Regional structures and mobility dispositions: A multilevel proportional- & partial-proportional odds approach
Christoph Kern

Abstract and paper | PDF, 446.36 KB
Does workplace training mitigate inequalities in earnings?
Rossella Icardi

Abstract | PDF, 149.32 KB
| PDF, 0.87 MB
Presentation | PDF, 284.67 KB
Prediction Errors: Re-employment Expectations and Realizations
Sonja C. Kassenboehmer and Sonja G. Schatz

Abstract and paper | PDF, 391.67 KB

Positional Income Concerns and Personality
Tim Friehe, Mario Mechtel and Markus Pannenberg

Abstract | PDF, 8.26 KB
Spillover effects of local human capital stock on adult obesity: evidence from German neighborhoods
Rui Dang

Abstract | PDF, 37.78 KB
Paper | PDF, 0.7 MB
Presentation | PDF, 463 KB
A Mechanism Approach to Income Discrimination with an Application for the Case of Overweight Males and Females
Christiane Bozoyan and Tobias Wolbring

Abstract | PDF, 70.13 KB
Trade Union Membership and Paid Vacation in Germany
Laszlo Goerke, Sabrina Jeworrek and Markus Pannenberg

Abstract | PDF, 8.16 KB
Determinants and Effectiveness of Job Search Channels – The Role of Personality
Ralf Werner Koßmann

Abstract | PDF, 128.77 KB
 Low-wage mobility of female and male employees and self-employed - Evidence from German and British longitudinal data
Iris Burmester

Abstract | PDF, 32.95 KB
Educational upgrading and labor market performance of young low qualified
Hans Dietrich and Alexander Patzina

Abstract | PDF, 183.8 KB
16:45 - 17:00 Coffee Break (HSoG)
Venue: HSoG Forum A and B
17:00 - 18:00

Poster Session II

Chair: Martin Kroh (HU Berlin and SOEP at DIW Berlin)


Wouter Zwysen: "Family background matters for early career, but not equally" (Abstract | PDF, 55.67 KB (update) and Poster | PDF, 255.06 KB )

Christiane Lübke: "Short-term or chronic worries? Studying the duration of self-perceived job insecurity in the life course" (Abstract | PDF, 259.3 KB and Poster | PDF, 257.17 KB )

Clemens Hetschko, Andreas Knabe and Ronnie Schöb: "Looking Back in Anger? Retirement and Unemployment Scarring" (Abstract | PDF, 15.33 KB and Paper | PDF, 306.73 KB )

Michael Neumann: "Is the Equal Sharing of Market Work and Family Duties Hampered by Financial Means or Constraints? Evidence from a Structural Labor Supply Model with Involuntary Unemployment and Hours Constraints" (Abstract | PDF, 56.11 KB )

Michael Weinhardt and Maik Dammann: "Organizational decentralization, individual overtime and work related stress" (Abstract | PDF, 120.36 KB )

Benjamin Fuchs: "The Effect of Teenage Employment on Personality Traits and Occupational Choice Strategies" (Abstract | PDF, 58.45 KB (update) and Poster | PDF, 245.36 KB )


Anita Kottwitz, Anja Oppermann and C. Katharina Spieß: "Parental Leave Benefits and Breastfeeding in Germany – effects of the 2007 reform" (Abstract | PDF, 32.56 KB und paper | PDF, 0.54 MB )

Maximilian J. Blömer and Peter Haan: "Estimating Female Labor Supply using Quasi-experimental Variation" (Abstract | PDF, 117.15 KB )

Julia Dietrich, Stephanie M. Müller, Lea Kröger and Elke Holst: "Render Gender Stereotypes and Role Attitudes - What Can Social Structures Tell Us?" 

18:00 - 19:00

Closing Plenary Session

Award Ceremony

  • Felix Büchel Award 2014
  • Joachim R. Frick Memorial Prize 2014 for the best papers and best poster

19:15 Farewell Dinner

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