Re-Shaping an effective and efficient European renewable energy market

Abteilung(en)/ Infrastruktureinrichtung
Abgeschlossenes Projekt
seit/von 2009 bis 2012
European Commission
In Kooperation mit
Project leader: ISI Fraunhofer, Project partners: Vienna University of Technology, Energy Economics Group, EEG , ECOFYS , Kema Nederland B.V.,Lithuanian Energy Institute , Utrecht University, Energy Banking Advisory Ltd., Bocconi University
Ansprechpartner im DIW Berlin


Project description

The project assisted Member State (MS) governments in preparing for the implementation of the RES Directive and to shape a European policy for RES in the medium to long term. The past and present success of renewable energy policies was evaluated and recommendations derived on how to improve future RES support schemes.

DIW Berlin is responsible for consistency with other EU policies and system and market integration.

Project website

Final Report: RE-Shaping: Shaping an effective and efficient European renewable energy market | PDF, 4.06 MB


Monographien/ Sammelwerke extern (2011)

Network Extension Requirements for an Enhanced RES Deployment: D13 Report

Christian Nabe, Karsten Neuhoff, Rodney Boyd, Georgios Papaefthymiou, André Ortner
Monographien/ Sammelwerke extern (2011)

Consistency with Other EU Policies, System and Market Integration: A Smart Power Market at the Centre of a Smart Grid ; D20 Report

Karsten Neuhoff, Rodney Boyd, Thilo Grau, Julian Barquin, Francisco Echavarren, Janusz Bialek, Christian von Hirschhausen, Benjamin F. Hobbs, Friedrich Kunz, Christian Nabe, Christoph Weber