Brown Bag Seminar of the Cluster of Industrial Economics

The joint seminar of the departments "Firms and Markets" and "Competition and Consumers"

  • provides an opportunity to present on-going research.
  • focuses on advances in applied microeconomics, industrial organization, and economic policy issues.
  • serves as a forum for discussing both academic and project-related research.
  • intends to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas.

Time: Friday, 10:30 - 11:30

Place: Anna J. Schwartz Room (5.2.010), DIW Berlin, Mohrenstraße 58

Coordination: Maximilian Schäfer and Kevin Tran

Current Semester

Summer semester 2019

Date Speaker Title
Jana Friedrichsen, DIW Berlin & HU Berlin
The effect of a leniency rule on cartel formation and stability: experiments with open communication
10.05.19 Jan Málek, DIW Berlin & KU Leuven M&A and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry
Jo Seldeslachts, DIW Berlin & KU Leuven Financial Markets, Common Ownership and Product Market Outcomes
24.05.19 Shan Huang, DIW Berlin How does receiving an unusual antibiotic resistance test result affect a physician's future treatment decisions?
14.06.19 Maximilian Schäfer, DIW Berlin Modeling Spatial Competition to Assess the Impact of Airbnb on the Hotel Industry
28.06.19 Caroline Stiel, DIW Berlin tba
Coordinator: Maximilian Schäfer and Kevin Tran, Dept. Firms and Markets.

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Winter semester 2018/2019

Date Speaker Title
19.10.18 Melissa Newham, DIW/KU Leuven Herd Behavior in FDA Committees: A Structural Approach
26.10.18 Clemens Fiedler, Tilburg University Should we Intervene in the Demand of Firms in the Software Market?
16.11.18 Kevin Tran, DIW Airbnb and Rental Prices: Evidence from Berlin
23.11.18 Jana Friedrichsen, DIW Cartel Formation and Cartel Stability - Experiments on the Role of the Leniency Rule and with open Communication
14.12.18 Joanna Piechucka, DIW Merger Efficiency Gains: An Assessment of the French Urban Transport Industry
Coordinator: Maximilian Schäfer and Kevin Tran, Dept. Firms and Markets.

Summer semester 2018

Date Speaker Title
20.04.18* Johanna Möllerström, DIW A Meritocratic Origin of Egalitarian Behavior
27.04.18** Thomas Stratmann, George Mason University/DIW The Impact of Competition on Health Care Quality in the Hospital Industry
04.05.18* Melissa Newham, DIW/KU Leuven Herd Behaviour in FDA Advisory Committees: A Structural Approach
25.05.18 Marie Le Mouel, DIW Knowledge-based Capital and Productivity Divergence
01.06.18 Caroline Stiel, DIW Productivity and Costs: Public Service Provision under Demographic Changes
22.06.18 Hannes Ullrich, DIW Battling Resistance: Using Machine Prediction to Improve Antibiotic Prescribing
06.07.18 Kevin Tran, DIW Structural Estimation of Limited Attention on eBay Germany
Coordinator: Marie Le Mouel, Dept. Firms and Markets.

Winter semester 2017/2018

Date Speaker Title
22.09.17 Christina Stadler, LMU Munich Measuring Unilateral Effects of Common Ownership in the German Car Market
20.10.17 Johannes Odenkirchen, DICE Düsseldorf An Experiment on Partial Cross-Ownership in Oligopolistic Markets
27.10.17 Maximilian Schäfer, DIW Learning from User Feedback Data
10.11.17 Manja Gärtner, Linköping University Decision Style and State as Determinants of Risky Choices
01.12.17 Melissa Newham, KU Leuven & DIW Common Ownership and Market Entry: Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry
08.12.17 Hannes Ullrich, DIW & UZH Battling Antibiotic Resistance: Using Machine Prediction to Identify Overprescribing
15.12.17 Gyula Seres, HU & TILEC Public Procurement Rules: Evidence from Poland
12.01.17 Pauline Affeldt, TU & DIW Estimating Demand with Multi-Homing in Two-Sided Markets
16.02.18 Reinhold Kesler, ZEW User Data, Market Power and Innovation in Online Markets: Evidence from the Mobile App Industry
Coordinator: Marie Le Mouel, Dept. Firms and Markets.

Summer semester 2017

Date Speaker Title
21.04.17 Tomaso Duso, DIW A Retrospective Study of State Aid Control in the German Broadband Market
12.05.17 Christian Michel, Universitat Pompeu Fabra Estimation of Within-Firm Pricing Coordination in Differentiated Products Industries
02.06.17 Johanna Möllerström, DIW Individual Risk Preferences and the Demand for Redistribution
09.06.17 Maximilian Schäfer, DIW Big Data and Market Power: Estimating Data-Driven Learning from Search Log Data
23.06.17 Marie Le Mouel, DIW Managerial Knowledge Spillovers and Firm Productivity
30.06.17 Caroline Stiel, DIW Productivity, Markups and Governance: Evidence for the Drinking Water Sector against the Background of Demographic Change
07.07.17 Jana Friedrichsen, DIW Fairness in Markets and Market Experiments
14.07.17 Stefan Seifert, DIW An Offer that you can't Refuse? Agrimafias and Migrant Labor on Vineyards in Southern Italy
Coordinator: Marie Le Mouel, Dept. Firms and Markets.

Winter semester 2016/2017

Date Speaker Title
04.11.16 Kathleen Ngangoué, DIW Trading under Ambiguity and the Effect of Learning
18.11.16 Olga Chiappinelli, DIW Decentralization and Procurement Performance: Some New Empirical Evidence from Italy
25.11.16 Hannes Ullrich, DIW Antibiotic Prescribing under Uncertainty about Resistance
02.12.16 Kate Smith, Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS), London Design of Optimal Corrective Taxes in the Alcohol Market
16.12.16 Jo Seldeslachts, DIW The Financial Crisis’ Impact on Common Ownership and Competition
16.12.16 Berber Kramer, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington Liquid Milk: Cash Constraints and Collective Marketing in the Kenyan Dairy Sector
13.01.17 Anna Lu, DIW Consumer Stockpiling and Price Promotions
27.01.17 Sofia Amaral-Garcia, DIW Internet and Health Choices: Evidence from the UK
03.02.17 Johanna Mollerstrom, DIW No Gender Difference in Willingness to Compete When Competing against Self
10.02.17 Marie Le Mouel, DIW Managerial Knowledge Spillovers and Firm Productivity


Florian Deuflhard, Goethe University Frankfurt Quantifying Inertia in Retail Deposit Markets
Coordinator: Marie Le Mouel, Dept. Firms and Markets.

Summer semester 2016

Date Speaker Title
11.03.16 Andràs Péchy, UZH Improving Market Level Demand Function Fit using Micro Data Purchase Histories
08.04.16 Caroline Stiel, DIW Modern Public Enterprises: Organisational Structure and Productivity Dispersion
29.04.16* Philipp M. Richter, TU Dresden CO2 Emission Intensity and Exporting: Evidence from German Firm-Level Data
20.05.16 Hannes Ullrich, DIW Assessing the Impact of Payment Card Fee Regulation
03.06.16 Marie Le Mouel, DIW Managerial Knowledge Spillovers and Firm Productivity
01.07.16 Jana Friedrichsen, DIW The Effect of Wealth on Pro-Social Behavior in Markets
Coordinator: Marie Le Mouel, Dept. Firms and Markets.

Winter semester 2015/2016

Date Speaker Title
02.10.15 Moritz Suppliet, DICE Umbrella Branding in Pharmaceutical Markets: Welfare Effects of Advertising Spillovers and Brand Name Extensions
20.11.15 Anna Lu, DIW Using Observed Choices to Infer Underlying Choice Sets
04.12.15 Georg Weizsäcker, HU & DIW Markets for Leaked Information (with S. Huck)
05.02.16 Tomaso Duso, DIW The Effect of Supermarket Mergers on Variety (with E. Argentesi, P. Buccirossi, R. Cervone, and A. Marrazzo)
Coordinator: Tobias Schmidt, Dept. Competition and Consumers.

Summer semester 2015

Date Speaker Title
08.05.15 Astrid Cullmann, DIW

Regulation and Investment Incentives in Electricity Distribution: An Empirical Assessmen (joint with Maria Nieswand, DIW)

22.05.15 Hendrik Meder, KU Leuven The Dynamics of Market-Targeted Drug Development in Post-M&A Environments
05.06.15 Maria Nieswand, DIW Challenged or Inefficient or Finding the right Yardstick
03.07.15 Özlem Bedre-Defolie, ESMT Switching Costs and Contracts as a Barrier to Entry (joint with Gary Biglaiser, University of North Carolina)
17.07.15 Helene Naegele, DIW Offset Credits in the EU Emissions Trading System: A Firm-Level Evaluation of Transaction Costs
Coordinator: Tobias Schmidt, Dept. Competition and Consumers.

Winter semester 2014/2015

Date Speaker Title
31.10.2014 Tomaso Duso, DIW Study on the Economic Impact of Enforcement of Competition Policies on the Functioning of Energy Markets
14.11.2014 Marie Le Mouel, DIW Developing a Task-based Approach for the Measurement of Human Resources in Knowledge-based Capital
28.11.2014 Isabel Teichmann, DIW The Effects of Mixed Distribution
12.12.2014 Florian Szücs, DIW Market Outcomes and Policy Intervention in European Energy Markets
09.01.2015 Pio Baake, Maria Nieswand, Lilo Wagner, DIW Rational Inefficiency in the German Public Electricity Distribution Sector
Coordinator: Tobias Schmidt, Dept. Competition and Consumers.

Summer semester 2014

Date Speaker Title
21.03.2014 Pio Baake Netzneutralität - erste Überlegungen
09.05.2014 Andreas Harasser Mixed Oligopoly and Endogenous Supply Choice: Cooperatives vs. Investor-Owned Firms
23.05.2014 Stefan Seifert Technical Change in German Electricity Generation
13.06.2014 Nicola Jentzsch Auctioning Sensitive Personal Data
26.06.2014 Caroline Stiel Productivity and Markups in the German Utility Sector
11.07.2014 Pierpaolo Parrotta (Maastricht University) Ethnic Diversity and Firms’ Export Behavior
18.08.2014 Anna Lu, Lars Zeigermann (DICE, Düsseldorf) Local Retailer Availability and the Demand for Fluid Milk
Coordinator: Florian Szücs, Dept. Firms and Markets.

Winter semester 2013/2014

Date Speaker Title
18.10.2013 Alexander Eickelpasch R&D Behavior of Manufacturing Companies During the Recession 2008/2009
25.10.2013 Elzbieta Glowicka (E.CA Economics) Generic Competition in Pharmaceutical Markets
15.11.2013 Alexander Schiersch, Heike Belitz Indikatoren für das deutsche Innovationssystem
29.11.2013 Pio Baake Price Guarantees, Consumer Search, and Hassle Costs
13.12.2013 Moritz Suppliet (DICE) The Welfare Impact of Parallel Imports: A Structural Approach Applied to the German Market for Oral Anti-Diabetics
10.01.2014 Maria Nieswand, Pio Baake Rational Inefficiency in German Electricity Distribution
24.01.2014 Hannes Ullrich Regulation of Pharmaceutical Prices: Evidence from a Reference Price Reform in Denmark
07.02.2014 Tobias Schmidt Econometric Analysis of Risk Preferences - A Case Study
Coordinator: Florian Szücs, Dept. Firms and Markets.

Summer semester 2013

Date Speaker Title
05.04.2013 Jens Kolbe Extracting Location Values from Transaction Data
19.04.2013 Lilo Wagner Information Exchange in Competitive Insurance Markets
03.05.2013 Julian Baumann Innovation and Productivity in SMEs
17.05.2013 Florian Mölders, Heike Belitz International Knowledge Spillovers through High-tech Imports and R&D of Foreign-owned Firms
31.05.2013 Kathleen Ngangoué Price Inference in Markets with Diverse Information
14.06.2013 Christian Zankiewicz Hidden Skewness: A Lab Experiment
05.07.2013 Vanessa von Schlippenbach The Effects of Disintegrated Distribution
12.07.2013 Jo Seldeslachts, Amsterdam School of Economics Lawyers vs. Clients
19.07.2013 Michael Zschille Measuring and Decomposing the Productivity Impact of Mergers in the Japanese Water Industry
Coordinator: Florian Szücs, Dept. Firms and Markets.

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