Innovation Framework for Privacy and Cyber Security Market Opportunities

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Nicola Jentzsch


1. November 2013 - 1. November 2015


Europäische Kommission


Waterford Institute Of Technology (
Espion Limited(
Leuven Security Ecxellence Consortium L-SEC VZW (
VASCO Data Security (

Significant opportunities exist for innovation in the privacy and cyber security (PACS) technology space, yet complex market, regulatory, policy, commercial, and economic considerations create several barriers to transforming research outputs/assets into market-centric product and service applications. In response, Innovation Framework for Privacy and Cyber Security Market Opportunities (IPaCSO) will develop a structured knowledge and decision-support innovation framework for identifying, assessing and exploiting market opportunities in the privacy and cyber security technology space. IPaCSO will support security innovators, policy makers and research spectrum stakeholders in identifying, assessing and exploiting new ideas and research assets using innovation and market assessment best-practice. ICT security research projects can increase the impact of their project results through the adoption and utilisation of the IPaCSO innovation framework. IPaCSO will address the following main goals 1) Analysis of the innovation process in PACS technologies with the various stakeholders. 2) Identification of a set of innovation framework requirements, interleaving improved innovation practices and case study scenarios, driven by stakeholder engagement and a validated understanding of their needs 3) Provide insights into how existing economic barriers to security adoption can be addressed in the innovation process, identifying economic incentives to increase security product and service adoption, and reflecting these insights in the IPACSO framework. 4) Develop and provide a structured knowledge and decision support innovation framework approach that is transferrable to the PACS technologies and other ICT security technology domains, exploiting potential market opportunities and 5) Develop and execute a training, exploitation and dissemination programme to maximise awareness, promotion and adoption impacts of the framework both during and beyond the project lifecycle.

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