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Climate Coalitions and International Trade: Assessment of Cooperation Incentives by Issue Linkage

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Claudia Kemfert

In: Energy Policy 32 (2004), 4, S. 455-465


This paper investigates climate control coalition games. It studies whether incentives exist for non-cooperating nations like the USA to join a coalition based upon issue linkage. Issue linkage is considered through increased R&D expenditures triggering improved technological innovations that advance energy efficiencies. Model calculations demonstrate that incentives exist for non-cooperating countries like the USA to join a climate control coalition if nations cooperate on technological innovations. Restrictions on trade such as sanction mechanisms against non-cooperating countries are not necessarily an incentive to join a coalition. Technological spillover effects lead to improved economic situations and increased energy efficiencies in non-cooperating countries.

Claudia Kemfert

Head of Department in the Energy, Transportation, Environment Department