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Unternehmensgründungen von Ausländern in Deutschland: Einkommenseffekte und Implikationen für die Gründungslehre

SOEPpapers 196, 17 S.

Jörn Block, Philipp Sandner, Marcus Wagner, Marc Weiglein


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The paper uses data from the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP) to analyze start-ups by foreigners in Germany. The regression results are the following: First, foreigners in self-employment are found to earn more than foreigners in a regular employment position. Second, foreigners seem to gain more from self-employment relative to Germans. The earnings increase from self-employment is larger for foreigners than it is for Germans. The findings are discussed from a policy and an entrepreneurship education perspective. We argue that there is a great potential for entrepreneurship education targeting foreigners.

JEL-Classification: L26;J15;J30
Keywords: Self-employment, SOEP, foreigners, Germany, earnings, entrepreneurship education
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