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Efficiency Analysis in Public Service Provision: Addressing Characteristics and Specificities Related to the Public Sector and Regulation ; Dissertation

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Maria Nieswand

Berlin: Technische Universität, 2012, XII, 147 S.


The government has been and remains crucial in providing goods and services in modern-day economies. However, the manner of this provision is complex and touches upon numerous areas of economic and social policy. Government action plays an especially central role for services of general interest, as well as in the regulation of their provision by the private sector. Thus, the efficient and effective implementation of governmental economic activity, as well as of governmental intervention in the behavior of private-sector providers is of high importance. Against this background, there is both a growing interest in and need for an empirically sound assessment of public service provision. Scientific efficiency analysis provides a suitable analytical approach to gaining knowledge about production and cost structures, to evaluate the impact of their various determinants, as well as to quantitatively estimate the potential for efficiency gains. In order to achieve unbiased and meaningful results on the governmental, i.e. public, provision of goods and services it is imperative that the properties and specificities of public service provision are adequately considered in the analysis. This dissertation considers four selected properties and specificities of public service provision: (i) the multiplicity of public services; (ii) external factors that may affect service provision; (iii) subsidies where the provider of the subsidy is also the recipient; and finally (iv) the modeling of technologies in the context of regulation, where informational asymmetries and conflicting goals exist between the regulator and the regulated companies. In the dissertation we both suggest and implement appropriate procedures for the evaluation of public service provision by means of efficiency analysis, which allow for an adequate consideration of these properties and specificities.

Keywords: Efficiency Analysis, Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), Order-m, Stochastic Frontier Analysis (SFA), Nonparametric Restriction Test, Public Service Provision, Local Transport, Natural Gas Transmission, Multiplicity of Outputs, Heterogeneity, Subsidie
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