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A Global Perspective on the Future of Natural Gas: Resources, Trade, and Climate Constraints

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Franziska Holz, Philipp M. Richter, Ruud Egging

In: Review of Environmental Economics and Policy 9 (2015), Iss. 1, 85-106


Natural gas plays an important role in the global energy system as an input to power generation, heating, and industry. This article identifies key drivers and uncertainties for natural gas markets in the coming decades. These include the availability of natural gas from conventional and unconventional sources, the role of international trade, and the impact of climate policies. We build on model-based research as well as an up-to-date survey of natural gas resource availability. We find that natural gas is an abundant fossil fuel and that the Asia-Pacific region will be most important in future global natural gas markets, especially under stringent international climate change mitigation. This means that an increasingly large share of future natural gas trade flows and infrastructure expansions will be directed to the Asia-Pacific region and that the role of liquefied natural gas will continue to increase globally

Franziska Holz

Deputy Head of Department in the Energy, Transportation, Environment Department

JEL-Classification: C61;L71;Q33;Q37;Q54
Keywords: natural gas, resource estimates, climate policies, infrastructure, equilibrium modeling