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Input-Output-Rechnung für Berlin (West) 1962 und 1968

Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung 4 / 1971, S. 279-286

Gernot Weißhuhn


The aim of the foregoing study is at first to present a revision of the input-output-table for West-Berlin for 1962, compiled by the German Institute of Economic Research {DIW) and published in 1969, caused by a revision of the official system of National Accounts in West-Berlin. The second intention of this report is to present a new input-output matrix for West-Berlin for 1968, because long-term growth projections must be based on more actual information about the regional technology. On account of the lack of information about the matrix elements, describing the domestic intermediate transactions, this part of the input-output table must be completed by a Model of Double Proportionality (MODOP), developed by the input-output team of the DIW. In general this method leads to uncertainties of estimations. Looking at West-Berlin's input-output structure, these uncertainties may be neglected: in consequence of the dependence from the West-German economy the domestic intermediate transactions are of relative little importance.