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GAMS Codes: a Numerical Test Case and Additional Examples for an Exact Solution Method for Binary Equilibrium Problems with Compensation and the Power Market Uplift Problem


Daniel Huppmann, Sauleh Siddiqui



The GAMS codes and all data for the binary-equilibrium model presented in Chapter 4 and the Appendix of DIW Discussion Paper 1475 are published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and are available for download at github. The repository also includes an application of this method to a natural gas market investment and production game to illustrate how the binary equilibrium approach can be applied to more general cases where players interact in settings with multiple binary variables.

Keywords: GAMS, open-source code (Creative Commons License), binary Nash game, non-cooperative equilibrium, compensation, incentive compatibility, electricity market, uplift problem, natural gas investment game
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