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Open Source Electricity Model for Germany (ELMOD-DE)

Data Documentation 83, 45 S.

Jonas Egerer


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This data documentation introduces to nodal dispatch models and the literature of the ELMOD model framework, which focuses on bottom-up electricity sector models with detailed spatial representation of the transmission system. The paper provides the technical description of ELMOD-DE, a nodal DC load flow model for the German electricity sector. In alignment with this paper, the described model, including its GAMS code and dataset, is made publicly available as open source model on the website of the DIW Berlin. The dataset uses publicly accessible data sources and includes hourly system data for the German electricity sector of the year 2012. The data documentation also illustrates the variety of insights into the German electricity system, ELMOD-DE provides on nodal level, with examples for hourly nodal system states and aggregated results.

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