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Report on the first CNEF User Workshop at DIW Berlin

Report of November 22, 2018

From November 5 to 7, DIW Berlin hosted the SOEP’s first international workshop on longitudinal data management and analysis.
In contrast to our regular German SOEP workshops, this one was devoted specifically to comparative longitudinal and cross-country designs using the SOEP and its international sister household panels. Paula Fomby of the University of Michigan and Marco Giesselmann of the SOEP introduced the 20 researchers from four continents in attendance to the SOEP and the US Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) over the first two days of the workshop. The third day of the workshop consisted of sessions on cross-country designs; an introduction to the CNEF project, which focuses on providing harmonized cross-national micro-data variables; and a lecture from SOEP staff member Markus M. Grabka.

In line with its commitment to expanding work in the provision and harmonization of cross-national panel data, the SOEP plans to hold workshops like these on an annual basis in the future.