Occupational Knowledge and Educational Mobility: Evidence from the Introduction of Job Information Centers

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Nils Saniter, Daniel D. Schnitzlein, Thomas Siedler

In: Economics of Education Review 69 (2019), S. 108-124


This study examines the causal link between individuals' occupational knowledge and educational choices as well as labor market entry. We proxy occupational knowledge with mandatory visits to job information centers (JICs) in Germany while still attending school. Exogenous variation in the establishment of JICs makes it possible to estimate intention-to-treat effects in a difference-in-differences setup. Combining survey data with the data on JIC openings allows for detecting whether individuals benefited from the comprehensive information service. The results suggest that individuals who went to school in administrative districts with a JIC have higher educational attainments, experience educational upward mobility, and have a smoother transition to the labor market.

JEL-Classification: I2;J24;J64
Keywords: Education, Uncertainty, Job matching, Information, Job information centers