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Changes in Occupational Tasks and Their Association with Individual Wages and Occupational Mobility

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Alexandra Fedorets

In: German Economic Review 20 (2019), 4, S. 295-328


This study provides novel evidence on the relevance of task content changes between and within occupations to wage dynamics of occupational changers and stayers. I use individual‐level, cross‐sectional data featuring tasks performed on the job to compute a measure of proximity of job contents. Then, I merge this measure to a large‐scale panel survey to show that occupational changers experience a wage growth that is declining when the accompanying alterations in task contents are big. For occupational stayers, alterations in task contents generate a positive wage component, beyond tenure effect. However, the results are not robust with respect to the choice of proximity measure and over time.

JEL-Classification: J24;J62
Keywords: Human capital, wage premium, occupational change, task‐based approach

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