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    Sarah Dahmann granted SddV Scholarship

    Sarah Dahmann has been granted a scholarship from the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (SddV) from April 2014 on. The Dean of the GC, Prof. Lütkepohl, congratulates her on her success!

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    Selection procedure started – Large number of applications

    This year's period of application for our doctoral program is closed now. We received over 270 applications – topping the numbers of previous years. After thoroughly checking every single file we will soon inform selected candidates about interview dates. Final decisions will be sent out by mid-May.

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    2013 Graduation Ceremony

    In 2013, twelve doctoral students from the Graduate Center have successfully finished their study. Ten of them attended the Graduation Ceremony on December 13 in the Schumpeter Hall, together with DIW colleagues, thesis supervisors, friends and family members. The Celebration was accompanied with a violin concert by Benedikt Bindewald and Maria Jadziewicz. The DIW executive board handed over the graduation ...

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    Maximilian Podstawski granted FES Scholarship

    Maximilian Podstawski has been granted a scholarship from the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) from December 2013 on. The Dean of the GC, Prof. Lütkepohl, congratulates him on his success!

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    2013 Graduate Center Winter Workshop

    From December 12 to 13, the annual Graduate Center Winter Workshop took place in the Schumpeter Hall of DIW Berlin. During the two day workshop, doctoral students presented their current research and received feedback from their supervisors and peers. The program consisted of 12 presentations that cover a large range of topics in economics and social sciences, including four by GC alumni. Please find ...

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    Recruiting Mission to China: The Graduate Center Aims at Becoming More International

    On November 30th and December 1st the DIW Graduate Center presented itself at the PhD Workshop China in Beijing. The PhD Workshop China is an event where overseas universities and research schools can present their PhD programs and network with the Chinese postgraduates and PhD candidates. During the course of this event, GC representatives motivated top students from Chinese universities to apply ...

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    Friederike Lenel granted FES scholarship

    Friederike Lenel has been granted a scholarship from the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) from October 2013 on. The Dean of the GC, Prof. Lütkepohl, congratulates her on her success!

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    GC welcomes fifteen new doctoral students

    On October 1/2, the DIW Graduate Center welcomed its new cohort through various events. Fifteen promising young students introduced themselves at the welcome reception in the evening of October 1, following the opening speeches of Prof. Marcel Fratzscher, president of DIW Berlin, and Prof. Helmut Lütkepohl, Dean of the GC. On October 2, a detailed introduction to the doctoral program structure ...

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    “Hans Raupach Best Paper Award” for Veronika Bertram-Hümmer and Ghassan Baliki

    Veronika Bertram-Hümmer (GC2010) and Ghassan Baliki of the Development and Security department have been awarded with the “Hans Raupach Best Paper Award“ of IOS Regensburg for their paper "Measuring Deprivation: A New Index Of Visible Wealth”. The price was awarded within the 5th Joint IOS/APB/EACE Summer Academy on Central and Eastern Europe on the subject of “Subjective ...

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    Daniel Kemptner Received Dotoral Title

    Dr. Daniel Kemptner received his doctoral title from the Free University Berlin on June 27, 2013. Under the supervision of Prof. Peter Haan and Prof. Frank Fossen, he investigated the relationship between individuals' education, health risks, and economic outcomes in Germany in his dissertation. The Dean congratulates him for successfully completing the program of the Graduate Center.

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    Jan Marcus defended his dissertation

    Jan Marcus, department Education Policy, has successfully defended his dissertation at Technische Universität Berlin. The dissertation with the title “Four Essays on Causal Inference in Health Economics" was supervised by Gert G. Wagner (TU Berlin) and Thomas Siedler (Universität Hamburg). The Dean congratulates him for his success!

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    Andreas Thiemann granted FNA scholarship

    Andreas Thiemann has been granted a scholarship from the Forschungsnetzwerk Alterssicherung (FNA) from September 2013 on. The Dean of the GC, Prof. Lütkepohl, congratulates him on his success!

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    GC Summer Workshop 2013 successfully taken place

    From June 26 to 28, the second Graduate Center Summer Workshop took place in the avendi Hotel at Griebnitz Lake in Potsdam and turned out to be a big success again. During the three-day workshop, GC10 and GC11 doctoral students presented their current research and received feedback from their supervisors and peers. The workshop was well attended by professors, doctoral students and external guests. ...

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    Verena Grass granted sdw scholarship

    Verena Grass has been granted a scholarship from the Foundation of German Business (sdw) retroactively to May 1. The Dean of the GC, Prof. Lütkepohl, congratulates her on her success!

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    Selection Procedure Completed

    This year's application process for the Graduate Center is completed and the successful candidates have received an offer. Due to the large number of extremely well qualified applications decision making was far from easy. We regretfully had to reject many very promising candidates. We are grateful to everyone who expressed his/her interest and confidence in our program by submitting an application. ...

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    Large Number of Applications

    On the last day of March the submission deadline for applications for the 2013 intake expired. By this day, the Graduate Center received a total of 196 completed applications from around the world. Given the limited capacities of 10-14 participants for this year’s class, this implies an intense competition between the candidates in selections: Only the best 5-10% can be accepted into the 4-year ...

  • Personalie

    New guest researcher of the Graduate Center

    Markku Lanne, Professor of Economics at the University of Helsinki, is a GC guest researcher from January to May 2013. His research topics are: Noncausal and noninvertible time series, unit root and stationarity tests, near unit roots, structural vector autoregression, volatility modeling, empirical finance and nonlinear time series models.

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    GC Welcomes New Applicants

    The DIW Graduate Center opened its application procedure for the 2013 intake by early January. Graduates in economics and related sciences are welcome to submit their application documents until March 31th. Interviews will be held in late April and early May. Successful candidates start the program on October 1st. Application and Admission

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    Zeugnisverleihung an Promovenden des DIW Graduate Center

    Das wohl beste Maß für den Erfolg eines Promotionskollegs sind seine Absolventen. Hieran gemessen, ist das DIW Graduate Center (GC) eine Erfolgsgeschichte.Gleich sieben Teilnehmer des strukturierten Ausbildungs- und Forschungsprogramms haben es geschafft! Sie verteidigten im Jahr 2012 erfolgreich ihre Doktorarbeiten. Fünf von ihnen nahmen am vergangenen Freitag (14.12.2012) im feierlichen ...

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    2012 Graduate Center Graduation Ceremony

    The Graduate Center invites all DIW colleagues to attend its annual Graduation Ceremony, which will be on December 14 in the Schumpeter Hall. In 2012 seven doctoral students successfully defended their doctoral theses. At the Ceremony, Prof. Dr. Bert Rürup, Chairman of DIW Board of Trustees, will give a welcome address, followed by the commencement address "Gotta Serve Somebody" by Dr. ...

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