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Diskussionspapiere 1761 / 2018

Class Rank and Long-Run Outcomes

This paper considers a fundamental question about the school environment – what are the long run effects of a student’s ordinal rank in elementary school? Using administrative data from all public school students in Texas, we show that students w

2018| Jeffrey T. Denning, Richard Murphy, Felix Weinhardt
Diskussionspapiere 1760 / 2018

Intra-Household Risk Sharing and Job Search over the Business Cycle

This paper studies the extent to which working couples can insure one another against cyclical fluctuations in the labor market and examines the implications of joint household decision-making for cyclical fluctuations in the unemployment rate. For .

2018| Haomin Wang
Diskussionspapiere 1759 / 2018

When Shocks Become Persistent: Household-Level Asset Growth in the Aftermath of an Extreme Weather Event

With the increasing frequency and intensity of extreme weather events due to climate change, assessing the potential long-term effects of these events for affected households is critically important. This study analyzes to what extent a one-off ...

2018| Katharina Lehmann-Uschner, Kati Krähnert
Diskussionspapiere 1755 / 2018

Monetary Policy and Inflation Dynamics in ASEAN Economies

This paper investigates the evolution of inflation dynamics in the five largest ASEAN countries between 1997 and 2017. To account for changes in the monetary policy frameworks since the Asian Financial Crisis (AFC), the analysis is based on country .

2018| Geraldine Dany-Knedlik, Juan Angel Garcia
Diskussionspapiere 1757 / 2018

Interactions between Regulatory and Corporate Taxes: How Is Bank Leverage Affected?

Regulatory bank levies set incentives for banks to reduce leverage. At the same time, corporate income taxation makes funding through debt more attractive. In this paper, we explore how regulatory levies affect bank capital structure, depending on ..

2018| Franziska Bremus, Kirsten Schmidt, Lena Tonzer
Diskussionspapiere 1756 / 2018

The Entitlement Effect in the Ultimatum Game - Does It Even Exist?

Since the seminal paper of Hoffman et al. (1994), an entitlement effect is believed to exist in the Ultimatum Game, in the sense that proposers who have earned their role (as opposed to having it randomly allocated) offer a smaller share of the pie .

2018| Elif E. Demiral, Johanna Mollerstrom
Diskussionspapiere 1754 / 2018

Macroeconomic Effects of Government Spending: The Great Recession Was (Really) Different

We estimate the effect of government spending shocks on the US economy with a time-varying parameter vector autoregression. The recent Great Recession period appears to be characterized by uniquely large impulse responses of output to fiscal shocks.

2018| Mathias Klein, Ludger Linnemann
Diskussionspapiere 1753 / 2018

Who Teaches the Teacher? A RCT of Peer-to-Peer Observation and Feedback in 181 Schools

It is well established that teachers are the most important in-school factorin determining student outcomes. However, to date there is scant robustquantitative research demonstrating that teacher training programs can havelasting impacts on student .

2018| Richard Murphy, Felix Weinhardt, Gill Wyness
Diskussionspapiere 1747 / 2018

Does Subsidized Care for Toddlers Increase Maternal Labor Supply? Evidence from a Large-Scale Expansion of Early Childcare

Expanding public or publicly subsidized childcare has been a top social policy priority in many industrialized countries. It is supposed to increase fertility, promote children's development and enhance mothers' labor market attachment. In this paper

2018| Kai-Uwe Müller, Katharina Wrohlich
Diskussionspapiere 1751 / 2018

Video Recordings in Experiments – Are There Effects on Self-Selection or the Outcome of the Experiment?

The use of video recordings in experimental economics has become increasingly popular. However, little attention is paid to how this might affect the composition of the participating subjects and the intended treatment effect. We make a first attempt

2018| Tim Lohse, Salmai Qari
Diskussionspapiere 1752 / 2018

Social Image Concerns and Welfare Take-Up

Using a laboratory experiment, we present first evidence that social image concerns causally reduce the take-up of an individually beneficial transfer. Our design manipulates the informativeness of the take-up decision by varying whether transfer ...

2018| Jana Friedrichsen, Tobias König, Renke Schmacker
Diskussionspapiere 1750 / 2018

Bootstrapping Impulse Responses of Structural Vector Autoregressive Models Identified through GARCH

Different bootstrap methods and estimation techniques for inference for structural vector autoregressive (SVAR) models identified by conditional heteroskedasticity are reviewed and compared in a Monte Carlo study. The model is a SVAR model with ...

2018| Helmut Lütkepohl, Thore Schlaak
Diskussionspapiere 1749 / 2018

Monetary Policy, External Instruments and Heteroskedasticity

We develop a vector autoregressive framework for combining the information in an external instrument with the information in the second moments of the data to identify latent monetary shocks in the United States. We show that the framework improves .

2018| Maximilian Podstawski, Thore Schlaak, Malte Rieth
Diskussionspapiere 1748 / 2018

Interactions in Fixed Effects Regression Models

An interaction in a fixed effects (FE) regression is usually specified by demeaning the product term. However, this strategy does not yield a genuine within estimator. Instead, an estimator is produced that reflects unit-level differences of ...

2018| Marco Giesselmann, Alexander Schmidt-Catran
Diskussionspapiere 1746 / 2018

Renewable Energy Policy in the Age of Falling Technology Costs

Cost of renewable energies have dropped, approaching wholesale power price levels. As a result, the role of renewable energy policy design is shifting – from covering incremental costs towards facilitating risk-hedging. An analytical model of the .

2018| Karsten Neuhoff, Nils May, Jörn C. Richstein
Diskussionspapiere 1745 / 2018

Emission Pathways Towards a Low-Carbon Energy System for Europe: A Model-Based Analysis of Decarbonization Scenarios

The aim of this paper is to showcase different decarbonization pathways for Germany and Europe with varying Carbon dioxide (CO2) constraints until 2050. The Global Energy System Model (GENeSYS-MOD) framework, a linear mathematical optimization model,

2018| Karlo Hainsch, Thorsten Burandt, Claudia Kemfert, Konstantin Löffler, Pao-Yu Oei, Christian von Hirschhausen
Diskussionspapiere 1744 / 2018

Herd Behavior in FDA Committees: A Structural Approach

Many important decisions within public and private organizations are based on recommendations from expert committees and advisory boards. A notable example is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's advisory committees, which make recommendations on

2018| Melissa Newham, Rune Midjord
Diskussionspapiere 1743 / 2018

Active Learning Fosters Financial Behavior: Experimental Evidence

We conduct a randomized field experiment to study the effects of two financial education interventions offered to small-scale retailers in Western Uganda. The treatments contrast “active learning” with “traditional lecturing” within standardi

2018| Tim Kaiser, Lukas Menkhoff
Diskussionspapiere 1741 / 2018

Labor Market and Distributional Effects of an Increase in the Retirement Age

We evaluate the labor market and distributional effects of an increase in the early retirement age (ERA) from 60 to 63 for women. We use a regression discontinuity design which exploits the immediate increase in the ERA between women born in 1951 and

2018| Johannes Geyer, Peter Haan, Anna Hammerschmid, Michael Peters
Diskussionspapiere 1742 / 2018

The Gender Gap in Wage Expectations: Do Young Women Trade off Higher Wages for Lower Wage Risk?

Several studies show that young women start with lower wage expectations than men, even before entering the labor market and that this partly translates into the actual gender wage gap through effects on educational choice and the formation of ...

2018| Vaishali Zambre
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