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GC Minicourses - dynamischer Textabschnitt

GC Minicourses - dynamischer Textabschnitt

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GC Short Courses - dynamischer Textabschnitt

GC Short Courses - dynamischer Textabschnitt


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GC Masterclasses - dynamischer Textabschnitt

DIW Weekly Report 1/2 / 2020

Construction Industry an Important Pillar of the Economy; Investment Assistance Taking Effect

The construction industry is increasingly becoming a key pillar of the business cycle in Germany. DIW Berlin’s construction volume calculation indicates a real expansion of construction services by around three percent each year over the next two ...

2020| Martin Gornig, Claus Michelsen, Laura Pagenhardt
BSE Scientific Skills Workshops

Successful Presenting in English

This seminar provides you with tools and practice in essential rhetorical techniques and how to consider your audience when preparing and delivering scientific presentations. You will develop a presentation that is convincing and creates ...

BSE Scientific Skills Workshops

Writing good texts for academic journals

The Berlin School of Economics is pleased to offer a workshop on writing good texts for academic journals. It is designed for all doctoral students and researchers at the BSE who would like to improve their English writing skills. The training will ...


DIW-Studie zu Berlin: Mordrate auf OECD-Basis unplausibel, Kernaussagen des Berichts bleiben aber bestehen

Studie zur Situation Berlins im Vergleich zu anderen europäischen Hauptstädten muss eventuell an einer Stelle geändert werden – Offizieller OECD-Statistik für einen der 35 Einzelindikatoren (Mordrate) liegen möglicherweise fehlerhafte Daten zugrunde – Ohne Einbeziehung der Mordrate steigt Berlin bei der Lebenszufriedenheit von Platz 10 auf Platz 8 Am 20. ...

Diskussionspapiere 1840 / 2020

The Role of Aggregators in Facilitating Industrial Demand Response: Evidence from Germany

Industrial demand response can play an important part in balancing the intermittent production from a growing share of renewable energies in electricity markets. This paper analyses the role of aggregators – intermediaries between participants and ..

2020| Jan Stede, Karin Arnold, Christa Dufter, Georg Holtz, Serafin von Roon, Jörn C. Richstein
Diskussionspapiere 1838 / 2019

Selection into Employment and the Gender Wage Gap across the Distribution and over Time

Using quantile regression methods, this paper analyses the gender wage gap across the wage distribution and over time (1990-2014), while controlling for changing sample selection into full-time employment. Our findings show that the selection ...

2019| Patricia Gallego Granados, Katharina Wrohlich
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