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  • Diskussionspapiere 1516 / 2015

    Shaking Dutch Grounds Won't Shatter the European Gas Market

    The Netherlands have been a pivotal supplier in Western European natural gas markets in the last decades. Recent analyses show that the Netherlands would play an important role in replacing Russian supplies in Germany and France in case of Russian export disruption (Richter & Holz, 2015). However, the Netherlands have suffered from regular earthquakes in recent years that are related to the natural ...

    2015| Franziska Holz, Hanna Brauers, Philipp M. Richter, Thorsten Roobeek
  • Diskussionspapiere 1498 / 2015

    Local Consequences of Global Uncertainty: Capacity Development and LNG Trade under Shale Gas and Demand Uncertainty and Disruption Risk

    Recent supply security concerns in Europe have revived interest into the natural gas market. Here, we investigate investment behavior and trade in an imperfect market structure under uncertainty in both supply and demand. We focus on three uncertain events: i) transit of Russian gas via Ukraine that may be disrupted from 2020 on; ii) natural gas intensity of electricity generation in OECD countries ...

    2015| Ruud Egging, Franziska Holz
  • Diskussionspapiere 1383 / 2014

    All Quiet on the Eastern Front? Disruption Scenarios of Russian Natural Gas Supply to Europe

    The Russian-Ukrainian crisis has revitalized the European concerns of supply disruptions of natural gas as experienced in 2006 and 2009. However, the European supply situation, regulation and infrastructure have changed since: imports aremore diversified, EU member states better connected and a common regulation on the security of supply has been introduced. Nevertheless, several East European countries ...

    2014| Philipp M. Richter, Franziska Holz
  • Diskussionspapiere 1317 / 2013

    Combining Energy Networks: The Impact of Europe's Natural Gas Network on Electricity Markets until 2050

    The interdependence of electricity and natural gas is becoming a major energy policy and regulatory issue in all jurisdictions around the world. The increased role of gas fired plants in renewable-based electricity markets and the dependence on gas imports make this issue particular striking for the European energy market. In this paper we provide a comprehensive combined analysis of electricity and ...

    2013| Jan Abrell, Clemens Gerbaulet, Franziska Holz, Casimir Lorenz, Hannes Weigt
  • Diskussionspapiere 1273 / 2013

    The Role of Natural Gas in a Low-Carbon Europe: Infrastructure and Regional Supply Security in the Global Gas Model

    In this paper, we use the Global Gas Model to analyze the perspectives and infrastructure needs of the European natural gas market until 2050. Three pathways of natural gas consumption in a future low-carbon energy system in Europe are envisaged: i) a decreasing natural gas consumption, along the results of the PRIMES model for the EMF decarbonization scenarios; ii) a moderate increase of natural gas ...

    2013| Franziska Holz, Philipp M. Richter, Ruud Egging
  • Diskussionspapiere 1146 / 2011

    What about Coal? Interactions between Climate Policies and the Global Steam Coal Market until 2030

    Because of economic growth and a strong increase in global energy demand the demand for fossil fuels and therefore also greenhouse gas emissions are increasing, although climate policy should lead to the opposite effect. The coal market is of special relevance as coal is available in many countries and often their first choice to meet energy demand. In this paper we assess possible interactions between ...

    2011| Clemens Haftendorn, Claudia Kemfert, Franziska Holz
  • Diskussionspapiere 1067 / 2010

    COALMOD-World: A Model to Assess International Coal Markets until 2030

    Coal continues to be an important fuel in many countries' energy mix and, despite the climate change concerns, it is likely to maintain this position for the next decades. In this paper a numerical model is developed to investigate the evolution of the international market for steam coal, the coal type used for electricity generation. The main focus is on future trade ows and investments in production ...

    2010| Clemens Haftendorn, Franziska Holz, Christian von Hirschhausen
  • Diskussionspapiere 959 / 2009

    The World Gas Model: A Multi-Period Mixed Complementarity Model for the Global Natural Gas Market

    We provide the description and illustrative results of the World Gas Model, a multi-period complementarity model for the global natural gas market. Market players include producers, traders, pipeline and storage operators, LNG liquefiers and regasifiers as well as marketers. The model data set contains more than 80 countries and regions and covers 98% of world wide natural gas production and consumption. ...

    2009| Ruud Egging, Franziska Holz, Steven A. Gabriel
  • Diskussionspapiere 931 / 2009

    The World Gas Market in 2030: Development Scenarios Using the World Gas Model

    In this paper, we discuss potential developments of the world natural gas industry at the horizon of 2030. We use the World Gas Model (WGM), a dynamic, strategic representation of world natural gas production, trade, and consumption between 2005 and 2030. We specify a "base case" which defines the business-as-usual assumptions based on forecasts of the world energy markets. We then analyze the sensitivity ...

    2009| Daniel Huppmann, Ruud Egging, Franziska Holz, Sophia Rüster, Christian von Hirschhausen, Steven A. Gabriel
  • Diskussionspapiere 869 / 2009

    A Model for the Global Crude Oil Market Using a Multi-Pool MCP Approach

    This paper proposes a partial equilibrium model to describe the global crude oil market. Pricing on the global crude oil market is strongly influenced by price indices such as WTI (USA) and Brent (Northwest Europe). Adapting an approach for pool-based electricity markets, the model captures the particularities of these benchmark price indices and their influence on the market of physical oil. This ...

    2009| Daniel Huppmann, Franziska Holz
133 Ergebnisse, ab 51