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    The Economics of Variable Renewable Energy and Electricity Storage

    The transformation of the electricity sector is a central element of the transition to a decarbonized economy. Conventional generators powered by fossil fuels have to be replaced by variable renewable energy (VRE) sources in combination with electricity storage and other options for providing temporal flexibility. We discuss the market dynamics of increasing VRE penetration and its integration in the ...

    In: Annual Review of Resource Economics 13 (2021), S. 443-467 | Javier López Prol, Wolf-Peter Schill
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    DIETERpy: A Python Framework for the Dispatch and Investment Evaluation Tool with Endogenous Renewables

    DIETER is an open-source power sector model designed to analyze future settings with very high sharesof variable renewable energy sources. It minimizes overall system costs, including fixed and variablecosts of various generation, flexibility and sector coupling options. Here we introduce DIETERpy thatbuilds on the existing model version, written in the General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS),and ...

    In: SoftwareX 15 (2021), 100784, 7 S. | Carlos Gaete-Morales, Martin Kittel, Alexander Roth, Wolf-Peter Schill
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    Optimal Supply Chains and Power Sector Benefits of Green Hydrogen

    Green hydrogen can help to decarbonize parts of the transportation sector, but its power sectorinteractions are not well understood so far. It may contribute to integrating variable renewable energysources if production is sufficiently flexible in time. Using an open-source co-optimization model of thepower sector and four options for supplying hydrogen at German filling stations, we find a trade-offbetween ...

    In: Scientific Reports 11 (2021), 14191, 14 S. | Fabian Stöckl, Wolf‑Peter Schill, Alexander Zerrahn
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    An Open Tool for Creating Battery-Electric Vehicle Time Series from Empirical Data, emobpy

    There is substantial research interest in how future fleets of battery-electric vehicles will interact with the power sector. Various types of energy models are used for respective analyses. They depend on meaningful input parameters, in particular time series of vehicle mobility, driving electricity consumption, grid availability, or grid electricity demand. As the availability of such data is highly ...

    In: Scientific Data 8 (2021), 152, 18 S. | Carlos Gaete-Morales, Hendrik Kramer, Wolf-Peter Schill, Alexander Zerrahn
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    Prosumage of Solar Electricity: Tariff Design, Capacity Investments, and Power Sector Effects

    We analyze how tariff design incentivizes households to invest in residential photovoltaic and battery storage systems, and explore selected electricity sector effects. To this end, we develop an open-source electricity sector model that explicitly features prosumage agents and apply it to German 2030 scenarios. Results show that lower feed-in tariffs substantially reduce investments in residential ...

    In: Energy Policy 152 (2021), 112168, 17 S. | Claudia Günther, Wolf-Peter Schill, Alexander Zerrahn
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    Electricity Storage and the Renewable Energy Transition

    In: Joule 4 (2020), 10, S. 1-6 | Wolf-Peter Schill
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    Frequency and Duration of Low-Wind-Power Events in Germany

    In the transition to a renewable energy system, the occurrence of low-wind-power events receives increasing attention. We analyze the frequency and duration of such events for onshore wind power in Germany, based on 40 years of reanalysis data and open software. We find that low-wind-power events are less frequent in winter than in summer, but the maximum duration is distributed more evenly between ...

    In: Environmental Research Letters 15 (2020), 8, 084045, 13 S. | Nils Ohlendorf, Wolf-Peter Schill
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    Flexible Electricity Use for Heating in Markets with Renewable Energy

    Using electricity for heating can contribute to decarbonization and provide flexibility to integrate variable re-newable energy. We analyze the case of electric storage heaters in German 2030 scenarios with an open-sourceelectricity sector model. We find that flexible electric heaters generally increase the use of generation tech-nologies with low variable costs, which are not necessarily renewables. ...

    In: Applied Energy 266 (2020), 114571, 18 S. | Wolf-PeterSchill, AlexanderZerrahn
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    Do Benefits from Dynamic Tariffing Rise? Welfare Effects of Real-Time Retail Pricing Under Carbon Taxation and Variable Renewable Electricity Supply

    We analyze the gross welfare gains from real-time retail pricing in electricity markets where carbon taxation induces investment in variable renewable technologies. Applying a stylized numerical electricity market model, we find a U-shaped association between carbon taxation and gross welfare gains. The benefits of introducing real-time pricing can accordingly be relatively low at relatively high carbon ...

    In: Environmental & Resource Economics 75 (2020), S. 183-213 | Christian Gambardella, Michael Pahle, Wolf-Peter Schill
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    Degrees of Displacement: The Impact of Household PV Battery Prosumage on Utility Generation and Storage

    Reductions in the cost of PV and batteries encourage households to invest in PV battery prosumage. We explore the implications for the rest of the power sector by applying two open-source techno-economic models to scenarios in Western Australia for the year 2030. Household PV capacity generally substitutes utility PV, but slightly less so as additional household batteries are installed. Wind power ...

    In: Applied Energy 276 (2020), 115466, 14 S. | Kelvin Say, Wolf-Peter Schill, Michele John
185 Ergebnisse, ab 121