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Diskussionspapiere 1827 / 2019

The Role of Labor Demand in the Labor Market Effects of a Pension Reform

This paper shows that labor demand plays an important role in the labor market reactions of older women affected by pension deductions for early retirement. Based on a large representative sample of the German workforce (SIAB), we calculate the ...

2019| Johannes Geyer, Peter Haan, Svenja Lorenz, Mona Pfister, Thomas Zwick
Diskussionspapiere 1785 / 2019

Mortality in Midlife for Subgroups in Germany

Case and Deaton (2015) document that, since 1998, midlife mortality rates are increasing for white non-Hispanics in the US. This trend is driven by deaths from drug overdoses, suicides, and alcohol-related diseases, termed as deaths of despair, and .

2019| Peter Haan, Anna Hammerschmid, Julia Schmieder
Diskussionspapiere 1741 / 2018

Labor Market and Distributional Effects of an Increase in the Retirement Age

We evaluate the labor market and distributional effects of an increase in the early retirement age (ERA) from 60 to 63 for women. We use a regression discontinuity design which exploits the immediate increase in the ERA between women born in 1951 and

2018| Johannes Geyer, Peter Haan, Anna Hammerschmid, Michael Peters
Diskussionspapiere 1716 / 2017

Insurance, Redistribution, and the Inequality of Lifetime Income

In this paper, we study how the tax-and-transfer system reduces the inequality of lifetime income by redistributing lifetime earnings between individuals with different skill endowments and by providing individuals with insurance against lifetime ...

2017| Peter Haan, Daniel Kemptner, Victoria Prowse
Diskussionspapiere 1698 / 2017

The Rising Longevity Gap by Lifetime Earnings: Distributional Implications for the Pension System

This study uses German social security records to provide novel evidence about the heterogeneity in life expectancy by lifetime earnings and, additionally, documents the distributional implications of this earnings-related heterogeneity. We find a ..

2017| Peter Haan, Daniel Kemptner, Holger Lüthen
Diskussionspapiere 1692 / 2017

Employment and Human Capital Investment Intentions among Recent Refugees in Germany

Motivations to participate in the labour market as well as to invest in labour market skills are crucial for the successful integration of refugees. In this paper we use a unique dataset – the IAB-BAMF-SOEP Refugee Survey, which is a representative .

2017| Peter Haan, Martin Kroh, Kent Troutman
Diskussionspapiere 1617 / 2016

Pension Incentives and Early Retirement

In this paper we exploit a cohort-specific pension reform to estimate the causal labour market effects of changes in the financial incentives to retire. In particular, we analyze the effects of the introduction of cohort-specific deductions for early

2016| Barbara Engels, Johannes Geyer, Peter Haan
Diskussionspapiere 1568 / 2016

Wind Electricity Subsidies = Windfall Gains for Land Owners? Evidence from Feed-In Tariff in Germany

In 2013, around 121 billion US-Dollar were spend worldwide to promote the investment into renewable energy sources. The most prominent support scheme employed is a feed-in tariff, which guarantees a fixed price for electricity produced by renewable .

2016| Peter Haan, Martin Simmler
Diskussionspapiere 1520 / 2015

Indirect Fiscal Effects of Long-Term Care Insurance

Informal care by close family members is the main pillar of most longterm care systems. However, due to demographic ageing the need for long-term care is expected to increase while the informal care potential is expected to decline. From a budgetary

2015| Johannes Geyer, Peter Haan, Thorben Korfhage
Diskussionspapiere 1468 / 2015

Optimal Social Assistance and Unemployment Insurance in a Life-Cycle Model of Family Labor Supply and Savings

We analyze empirically the optimal design of social insurance and assistance programs when families obtain insurance by making labor supply choices for both spouses. For this purpose, we specify a structural life-cycle model of the labor supply and .

2015| Peter Haan, Victoria Prowse
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