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Security as a Public, Private or Club Good: Some Fundamental Considerations

Security is often defined as the absence of threats. However, security has far more aspects, reaching from security of nation states to health security. Baldwin (1997) formulated seven questions to narrow the (broad) concept of security. Along with Baldwin's questions, this paper analyses 'security' in the context of private, public, and club goods and their changing mixture. On the individual level, ...

In: Defence & Peace Economics 22 (2011), 2, S. 135-145 | Hella Engerer
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Natural Gas Vehicles: An Option for Europe

In Europe natural gas vehicles play a minor role. A decisive reason for this is the dependence of most European countries from gas imports. Except for Italy, there is no tradition to use natural gas as fuel. In addition, there is a lack of infrastructure (e.g. fuelling stations). In contrast to Europe, in Latin American and Asian countries natural gas vehicles are widespread. Some countries foster ...

In: Energy Policy 38 (2010), 2, S. 1017-1029 | Hella Engerer, Manfred Horn
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Solidarität gesucht: Osteuropas Finanzmärkte in der globalen Finanzkrise

The global financial crisis has also hit Eastern Europe. Since the liberalisation and privatisation of the financial markets in the European Union's eastern states, the importance of the banking sector has grown, and the integration of these young financial markets in the global financial system has increased. The consequence is a greater vulnerability to crises. The new EU members cannot give sweeping ...

In: Osteuropa 58 (2008), 12, S. 25-40 | Hella Engerer
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Russlands Energieexporte: Potentiale, Strategien, Perspektiven

Russia's oil and natural gas exports are of great importance for Europe's energy supplies. The future extent and direction of supplies will depend on Russia's energy policy as well as its export strategies. The amount of exports mentioned in prognoses can only be achieved if energy efficiency in Russia increases, coal replaces natural gas, price controls are eliminated, and considerable investments ...

In: Osteuropa 58 (2008), 11, S. 111-127 | Hella Engerer
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Post-Soviet Gas Sector Restructuring in the CIS: a Political Economy Approach

This paper analyses progress and obstacles to gas sector reform in the most important CIS-countries (Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan), taking a political economy perspective. This reform process is embedded in a very specific post-Soviet institutional framework stemming from the legacy of socialism. Firstly, we review the evolution of the gas sector for the period 1992-1998. The paper then ...

In: Energy Policy 26 (1998), 15, S. 1113-1123 | Christian von Hirschhausen, Hella Engerer
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Let's Go East - Steuerwettbewerb in der erweiterten EU?

In: Osteuropa-Wirtschaft 50 (2005), 2, S. 81-95 | Hella Engerer, Mechthild Schrooten
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The Globalisation of Russian Energy Companies: a Way out of the Financial Crisis?

In: International Journal of Global Energy Issues 17 (2002), 4, S. 292-310 | Petra Opitz, Hella Engerer, Christian von Hirschhausen
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Energy in the Caspian Sea Region in the Late 1990s: The End of the Boom?

In: OPEC Review 23 (1999), 4, S. 272-291 | Christian von Hirschhausen, Hella Engerer
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Bürgerenergie und ihre Rolle in der Energiewende

In: Im Brennpunkt Zukunft des nachhaltigen Wirtschaftens in der digitalen Welt
Marburg: Metropolis Verl.
S 187-200
Jahrbuch Nachhaltige Ökonomie 2018 / 2019
| Hella Engerer, Claudia Kemfert
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In: Hans-Georg Ehrhart, Kerstin Petretto, Patricia Schneider, Thorsten Blecker, Hella Engerer, Doris König (Hrsg.) , Piraterie und maritimer Terrorismus als Herausforderungen für die Seehandelssicherheit Deutschlands
Baden-Baden : Nomos
S. 17-25
Demokratie, Sicherheit, Frieden ; 210
| Hans-Georg Ehrhart, Kerstin Petretto, Patricia Schneider, Thorsten Blecker, Hella Engerer, Doris König
206 Ergebnisse, ab 181