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Diskussionspapiere 1485 / 2015

The Impact of Wind Power Support Schemes on Technology Choices

Germany changed renewable remuneration for wind power from a fixed Feed-In Tariff (FIT) to a floating Market Premium Scheme (MPS) in 2012. One aim of this adjustment was to better align the supply of generated wind electricity with the demand for it, e.g. through more system-friendly wind turbine technology choices. In energy systems with a high share of variable renewable energies, such turbines produce ...

2015| Nils May
DIW Roundup 89 / 2016

"Eigenversorgung mit Solarstrom" - ein Treiber der Energiewende?

Der Anteil der Solarenergie an der Stromversorgung in Deutschland hat sich rasant entwickelt, von weniger als einem Prozent in 2008 auf 5,7% in 2014. Die große Kostendegression in dem Zeitraum zog starke Vergütungssatzsenkungen nach sich. Seit circa 2012 liegt diese Vergütung unter dem Strombezugspreis von Haushalten (die sogenannte „Netzparität“). Dieses hat zur Folge, dass Haushalte mit Photovoltaik ...

2016| Nils May, Karsten Neuhoff
DIW Roundup 59 / 2015

The Market Stability Reserve: Is Europe Serious about the Energy Union?

The European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) has been implemented to provide a common climate policy instrument across European Union countries, to contribute to a credible investment perspective for low-carbon investors and support further European integration of energy markets. Thus the EU ETS is a key element of the European Energy Union.However, given the accumulation of a large surplus ...

2015| William Acworth, Nils May, Karsten Neuhoff
DIW Berlin - Politikberatung kompakt 159 / 2020

Mögliche Auswirkungen des nationalen Brennstoffemissionshandels auf Carbon Leakage und Wettbewerbsfähigkeit: Forschungsprojekt im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums der Finanzen

2020| Nils May, Marie-Theres von Schickfus, Frederik Lettow, Karsten Neuhoff, Karen Pittel, Jörn Richstein und Markus Zimmer

Yì-qíng-zhī-hòu-dí-lù-sè-xīn-zhèng: huí-shì-yìng-duì-jīn-róng-wēi-jī-dí-lì-shí

十一年前,能否将可持续发展政策纳入一揽子经济刺激计划以应对 金融危机以及这些政策是否有助于促进经济复苏激起了人们激烈的 讨论。尽管决策者们倾向于在危机中依赖历经考验的传统政策,但 是否符合环境友好、低碳发展的长期目标已经被吸纳到多国在2009 年一揽子经济刺激计划的考量中。彼次危机的经验证明,以气候目 标为导向的经济刺激政策不仅能促进投资,短期内扶持经济生产与 就业,更能在环境资源的约束之下激发长期创新与发展的潜力。本 文将指出,通过一系列以气候目标为导向的经济政策,例如在可再 生能源领域和工业部门的低碳工艺过程方面推行差价合约,以及在 基础设施建设和建筑翻新中执行绿色采购标准,政府可以进一步确 保其一揽子经济刺激政策与实体经济低碳转型的长期目标保持一致 。历史经验给予我们信心,在应对当前因疫情引发的经济危机中,“ 绿色”的经济刺激政策将助力经济复苏与转型。 ...

Berlin: DIW Berlin, 2020, 8 S. | Mats Kröger, Sun Xi, Olga Chiappinelli, Marius Clemens, Nils May, Karsten Neuhoff, Jörn Richstein

The Economics of Financing and Integrating Renewable Energies: Dissertation

Berlin: TU Berlin, 2018, XXI, 139 S. | Nils May

Cost Benefit Analysis of Sets and Alternative Local Small-Scale Storage Options

Mannheim: MVV Energie AG, 2018, 184 S.
(H2020 RealValue ; D3.6)
| Ciara O'Dwyer, Wolf-Peter Schill, Alexander Zerrahn ...
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The Local Economic Impact of Wind Power Deployment

This study focuses on the local economic impacts of wind power deployment.Wind power deployment is not necessarily driven by locally accruing economic payoffs only, but potentially also by other factors, such as emphasis on environmentally friendly energy production and its associated benefits. Thus, the local economic impacts of wind power deployment are ambiguous.We empirically test the existence ...

In: Finanzarchiv 75 (2019), 1, S. 59-92 | Nils May, Øivind A. Nilsen
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The Impact of Wind Power Support Schemes on Technology Choices

In energy systems with large shares of variable renewable energies, electricity generation is lower during unfavorable weather conditions. System-friendly wind turbines (SFTs) rectify this by producing a larger share of their electricity at low wind speeds. This paper analyzes to what extent SFTs' benefits out-weigh their additional costs and how to incentivize investments into them. Using a wind power ...

In: Energy Economics 65 (2017), S. 343-354 | Nils May

Building Blocks for a Climate-Neutral European Industrial Sector: Policies to Create Markets for Climate-Friendly Materials to Boost EU Global Competitiveness and Jobs

London: Climate Strategies, 2019, 33 S. | Karsten Neuhoff, Olga Chiappinelli, Timo Gerres, Manuel Haussner, Roland Ismer, Nils May, Alice Pirlot, Jörn Richstein
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