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Kě-zài-shēng-néng-yuán-zhèng-cè: fēng-xiǎn-fáng-fàn-zhèng-chù-yú-hé-xīn-wèi-zhi

The costs of renewable energy technologies have fallen sharply. Now the financing costs of new installations are playing an increasing role in the overall cost of Germany’s energy transition. This has put the primary focus of support instruments for renewable energy on creating more affordable financing conditions for investments. This report compares the effects of various policy instruments on risk ...

Beijing: GIZ, Sino-German Energy Partnership, 2018, 9 S. | Nils May, Ingmar Jürgens, Karsten Neuhoff

The Local Economic Impact of Wind Power Deployment

Globally installed wind power capacity has grown tremendously since 2000. This study focuses on the local economic impacts of wind power deployment. A theoretical model shows that wind power deployment is not necessarily driven by locally-accruing economic payoffs, but also by other factors such as emphasis on environmentally-friendly energy production and its associated benefits. The theoretical analysis ...

Bonn: IZA, 2015, 78 S.
(Discussion Paper Series / Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit ; 9025)
| Nils May, Oivind A. Nilsen
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CFD für günstige erneuerbare Energien

In: energate messenger (23.05.2018), [Online-Artikel] | Karsten Neuhoff, Nils May, Jörn Richstein
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