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Entwicklungen des internationalen Handels mit Kesselkohle: Lehren aus dem COALMOD-World-Modell

In: Glückauf 147 (2011), 12, S. 566-571 | Clemens Haftendorn, Franziska Holz, Tim Winke, Christian von Hirschhausen
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Energy Infrastructures for the Low-Carbon Transformation in Europe

In: Christian von Hirschhausen, Clemens Gerbaulet, Claudia Kemfert, Casimir Lorenz, Pao-Yu Oei (Eds.) , Energiewende "Made in Germany" : Low Carbon Electricity Sector Reform in the European Context
Cham: Springer
S. 283-317
| Franziska Holz, Jonas Egerer, Clemens Gerbaulet, Pao-Yu Oei, Roman Mendelevitch, Anne Neumann, Christian von Hirschhausen
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The COALMOD-World Model: Coal Markets until 2030

In: Mark C. Thurber, Richard K. Morse (Eds.) , The Global Coal Market : Supplying the Major Fuel for Emerging Economies
Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press
S 411-472
| Franziska Holz, Clemens Haftendorn, Roman Mendelevitch, Christian von Hirschhausen
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European Energy Infrastructure Integration Quo Vadis? Sectoral Analyses and Policy Implications

In: Theresia Theurl (Hrsg.) , Europa am Scheideweg
Berlin : Duncker & Humblot
S. 147-178
Schriften des Vereins für Socialpolitik ; 338
| Christian von Hirschhausen, Clemens Gerbaulet, Franziska Holz, Pao-Yu Oei
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Global Steam Coal Markets until 2030: Perspectives on Production, Trade and Consumption under Increasing Carbon Constraints

In: Roger Fouquet (Ed.) , Handbook on Energy and Climate Change
Cheltenham [u.a.] : Elgar
S. 103-122
| Clemens Haftendorn, Franziska Holz, Claudia Kemfert, Christian von Hirschhausen
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How Dominant Is Russia on the European Natural Gas Market? Results from Modeling Exercises

In: Wolfgang Franz, Rainer Winkelmann, Klaus F. Zimmermann (Eds.) , Energy Markets
Berlin : Duncker & Humblot
S. 85-101
Applied Economics Quarterly Supplement : Beihefte der Konjunkturpolitik ; 58
| Franziska Holz

Decarbonising the EU’s Energy System

Wien: TU Wien, 2019, 16 S.
(Navigating the Roadmap for Clean, Secure and Efficient Energy Information : Summary Report)
| Pedro Crespo del Granado, Marijke Welisch, Michael Hartner, Franziska Holz, Dawud Ansari (u.a.)

Scenarios of the Global Fossil Fuel Markets

Wien: TU Wien, 2018, 72 S.
(Navigating the Roadmap for Clean, Secure and Efficient Energy Information;Case Study Report)
| Dawud Ansari, Franziska Holz, Nathan Appleman

What Does “Peak Coal” Mean for International Coal Exporters? A Global Modelling Analysis on the Future of the International Steam Coal Market: A Project Funded by the KR Foundation

Paris: IDDRI, 2018, 36 S. | Franziska Holz, Ivo Valentin Kafemann, Oliver Sartor, Tim Scherwath, Thomas Spencer
103 Ergebnisse, ab 91