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Diskussionspapiere 1531 / 2015

Productivity in Electricity Retail after Market Liberalisation: Analysing the Effects of Ownership and Firm's Governance Structure

This paper, which is one of the first to estimate productivity in retail electricity for a European country after liberalisation, analyses the effect of ownership and governance structure by using a unique dataset of German electricity retailers from 2003 to 2012. An innovative service production function for the retail sector is derived with labour and external services as the main inputs. A structural ...

2015| Caroline Stiel, Astrid Cullmann, Maria Nieswand
Diskussionspapiere 1512 / 2015

Regulation and Investment Incentives in Electricity Distribution: An Empirical Assessment

We analyze the effects of an incentive based regulatory scheme with revenue caps on the investment behaviors and decisions of 109 electricity distribution companies operating in Germany in 2006-2012. We hypothesize that Germany's implementation of incentive regulation in 2009 has a negative impact on total investment, and that firms increase their investments in the base year. We build a model that ...

2015| Astrid Cullmann, Maria Nieswand
Diskussionspapiere 1426 / 2014

Technical Efficiency and CO2 Reduction Potentials: An Analysis of the German Electricity Generating Sector

In this paper, we analyze the technical efficiency of CO2 reduction potentials of German power and heat plants, using a non-parametric sequential Data Envelopment Analysis. We apply a metafrontier framework to evaluate plant-level efficiencies in the transformation of inputs into desirable (energy) and undesirable (CO2 emissions) outputs, taking into account different fossil fuel generation technologies. ...

2014| Stefan Seifert, Astrid Cullmann, Christian von Hirschhausen
Diskussionspapiere 962 / 2009

Overcoming Data Limitations in Nonparametric Benchmarking: Applying PCA-DEA to Natural Gas Transmission

This paper provides an empirical demonstration for a practical approach of efficiency evaluation against the background of limited data availability in some regulated industries. Here, traditional DEA may result in a lack of discriminatory power when high numbers of variables but only limited observations are available. We apply PCA-DEA for radial efficiency measurement to US natural gas transmission ...

2009| Maria Nieswand, Astrid Cullmann, Anne Neumann
Diskussionspapiere 960 / 2009

Unobserved Heterogeneity and International Benchmarking in Public Transport

We analyze the technical efficiency of German and Swiss urban public transport companies by means of SFA. In transport networks we might face different network structures or complexities, not observed, but influencing the production process. The unobserved factors are typically modeled as separable factors. However, we argue that the entire production process is organized around different network structures. ...

2009| Astrid Cullmann, Mehdi Farsi, Massimo Filippini
Diskussionspapiere 956 / 2009

The Globalization of Steam Coal Markets and the Role of Logistics: An Empirical Analysis

In this paper, we provide a comprehensive multivariate cointegration analysis of three parts of the steam coal value chain - export, transport and import prices. The analysis is based on a rich dataset of international coal prices; in particular, we combine data on steam coal prices with freight rates, covering the period December 2001 until August 2009 at weekly frequency. We then test whether the ...

2009| Aleksandar Zaklan, Astrid Cullmann, Anne Neumann, Christian von Hirschhausen
Diskussionspapiere 883 / 2009

Innovation, R&D Efficiency and the Impact of the Regulatory Environment: A Two-Stage Semi-Parametric DEA Approach

This paper assesses the relative efficiency of knowledge production in the OECD using a nonparametric DEA approach. Resources allocated to R&D are limited and should therefore be used efficiently given the institutional and legal constraints. This paper presents efficiency scores based on an intertemporal frontier estimation for the period 1995 to 2004 and analyzes the impact of the regulatory environment ...

2009| Astrid Cullmann, Jens Schmidt-Ehmcke, Petra Zloczysti
Diskussionspapiere 881 / 2009

Benchmarking and Firm Heterogeneity in Electricity Distribution: A Latent Class Analysis of Germany

In January 2009 Germany introduced incentive regulation for the electricity distribution sector based on results obtained from econometric and nonparametric benchmarking analysis. One main problem for the regulator in assigning the relative efficiency scores are unobserved firm-specific factors such as network and technological differences. Comparing the efficiency of different firms usually assumes ...

2009| Astrid Cullmann
Diskussionspapiere 832 / 2008

Potential Gains from Mergers in Local Public Transport: An Efficiency Analysis Applied to Germany

We analyze potential gains from hypothetical mergers in local public transport using the non-parametric Data Envelopment Analysis with bias corrections by means of bootstrapping. Our sample consists of 41 public transport companies from Germany's most densely populated region, North Rhine-Westphalia. We merge them into geographically meaningful, larger units that operate partially on a joint tram network. ...

2008| Matthias Walter, Astrid Cullmann
Diskussionspapiere 831 / 2008

Next Stop: Restructuring? A Nonparametric Efficiency Analysis of German Public Transport Companies

In this paper, we present a nonparametric comparative efficiency analysis of 179 communal public transport bus companies in Germany (1990-2004). We apply both deterministic data envelopment analysis (DEA) and bootstrapping to test the robustness of our estimates and to test the hypothesis of global and individual constant returns to scale. We find that the average technical efficiency of German bus ...

2008| Christian von Hirschhausen, Astrid Cullmann
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