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Finding the Right Yardstick: Regulation under Heterogeneous Environments

Revenue cap regulation is often combined with systematic benchmarking to reveal the managerial inefficiencies when regulating natural monopolies. One example is the European energy sector, where benchmarking methods are based on actual cost data, which are influenced by managerial inefficiency as well as operational heterogeneity. This paper demonstrates how a conditional nonparametric method, which ...

Bergen: Institutt for Foretaksøkonomi, 2016, 37 S.
(Discussion Paper / Institutt for Foretaksøkonomi ; 2016,4)
| Endre Bjoerndal, Mette Bjoerndal, Astrid Cullmann, Maria Nieswand

Socio-Economic Trends and New Territorial Dynamics in the European Union: Convergence and Agglomeration

In this study, we explore how general socio-economic trends within the European Union are reflected in the development of different types of regions during the period from 1995 to 2009 and how economic disparities between EU regions change in the course of these processes. Overall, there is a decrease of regional inequalities in terms of per-capita income, but this is mainly the result of catching ...

Brussels: NEUJOBS, 2012, 55 S.
(NEUJOBS Working Paper ; D8.3)
| Astrid Cullmann, Kurt Geppert

R&D Efficiency and Barriers to Entry: A Two Stage Semiparametric DEA Approach

London: CEPR, 2010, 28 S.
(Discussion Paper Series / Centre for Economic Policy Research ; 8047)
| Astrid Cullmann, Jens Schmidt-Ehmcke, Petra Zloczysti

Efficiency Analysis of German Electricity Distribution Utilities: Non-Parametric and Parametric Tests

Dresden: Technische Universität, 2005, 25 S.
(Dresden Discussion Paper Series in Economics ; 2005,6)
| Christian von Hirschhausen, Astrid Cullmann
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