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DIW Weekly Report 16/17/18 / 2019

A Stable and Social Europe: Fiscal Rules, a Stabilization Fund, Insolvency Rules, Gender Quota, Gender Pension Gaps, and Education: Reports

2019| Franziska Bremus, Marius Clemens, Marcel Fratzscher, Anna Hammerschmid, Tatsiana Kliatskova, Alexander Kriwoluzky, Claus Michelsen, Carla Rowold, Felix Weinhardt, Katharina Wrohlich
Diskussionspapiere 1761 / 2018

Class Rank and Long-Run Outcomes

This paper considers a fundamental question about the school environment – what are the long run effects of a student’s ordinal rank in elementary school? Using administrative data from all public school students in Texas, we show that students with

2018| Jeffrey T. Denning, Richard Murphy, Felix Weinhardt
Diskussionspapiere 1753 / 2018

Who Teaches the Teacher? A RCT of Peer-to-Peer Observation and Feedback in 181 Schools

It is well established that teachers are the most important in-school factorin determining student outcomes. However, to date there is scant robustquantitative research demonstrating that teacher training programs can havelasting impacts on student .

2018| Richard Murphy, Felix Weinhardt, Gill Wyness
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Study Shows High Enrollment in Daycare and School among Refugee Children, but the Possible Need for More Daycare for Children under Three and More Language Support for School-Aged Children

For refugee children, daycare or elementary school can play an important role in integration into German society. In the context of the arrival of more than 890,000 refugees in Germany in 2015 alone, this study focuses on daycare and school ...

2018| Ludovica Gambaro, Elisabeth Liebau, Frauke Peter, Felix Weinhardt
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Neighbourhood Turnover and Teenage Attainment

Theories about neighbours’ influence on children's education that are based on social capital, cohesion, and disorganisation stress the importance of neighbourhood stability. This is because stability is regarded as necessary for building strong ties

In: Journal of the European Economic Association 15 (2017), 4, S. 746-783 | Stepen Gibbons, Olmo Silva, Felix Weinhardt
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Deutschland: ein Land der Mieter? Die Rolle von Erwartungen über zukünftige Immobilienpreisentwicklungen

Mehr als die Hälfte aller Haushalte in Deutschland wohnen zur Miete – ein im internationalen Vergleich sehr hoher Wert. Bisherige Studien haben vor allen Dingen den regulatorischen Rahmen des Immobilienmarkts hervorgehoben, der Mietwohnungen in ...Mo

In: Zeitschrift für Immobilienökonomie (2019), im Ersch. [online first 2019-10-18] | Niklas Gohl, Peter Haan, Claus Michelsen, Felix Weinhardt

Immigration and the Evolution of Local Cultural Norms

We study the local evolution of cultural norms in West Germany in reaction to the sudden presence of East Germans who migrated to the West after reunification. These migrants grew up with very high rates of maternal employment, whereas West German ..

Bonn: IZA, 2019, 67 S.
(Discussion Paper Series / Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit ; 12509)
| Sophia Schmitz, Felix Weinhardt
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Den Blick über den Kanal wagen

In: Frankfurter Rundschau (06.04.2017), S. 10 | Felix Weinhardt
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