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DIW Roundup 136 / 2019

Stranded Assets and Resource Rents: Between Flaws, Dependency, and Economic Diversification

Asset stranding–the unanticipated depreciation of assets (e.g. resource re-serves, infrastructure, stocks) due to market shifts such as policy interventions or innovation–is at the core of current debates in energy and climate. This roundup presents

2019| Dawud Ansari, Ambria Fareed
DIW Berlin - Politikberatung kompakt 139 / 2019

Energy, Climate, and Policy towards 2055: An Interdisciplinary Energy Outlook (DIW-REM Outlook)

2019| Dawud Ansari, Franziska Holz, Hashem al-Kuhlani

An Introductory Tutorial on Convex Formulations for Equilibrium and Bi-Level Problems: Discussion Paper

This paper illustrates how many partial equilibrium problems with oligopolistic supply can be cast as convex optimization problems rather than mixed complementarity problems as is the current method of choice in the literature. The convex objective .

Wien: TU Wien, 2019, 20 S.
(Navigating the Roadmap for Clean, Secure and Efficient Energy Information;Discussion Paper)
| Ruud Egging, Dawud Ansari

Issue Paper and Proceedings on Aggregating Load Profiles: … from the Power Sector Models Towards Use in Large-Scale Energy-System and Integrated Assessment Models

Wien: TU Wien, 2017, 6 S.
(Navigating the Roadmap for Clean, Secure and Efficient Energy Information;Issue Paper and Proceedings)
| Dawud Ansari

Energy and Climate towards 2050: Four Scenarios ; A Report Compiled within the H2020 project SET-Nav (work package 11, deliverable D11.12)

Wien: TU Wien, 2017, 8 S.
(Navigating the Roadmap for Clean, Secure and Efficient Energy Innovation : Policy Brief)
| Dawud Ansari, Nathan Appleman

Issue Paper on Hybrid Modelling: Linking and Integrating Top-Down and Bottom-Up Models: Issue Paper Prepared for the Modelling Workshop “Top-Down Bottom-Up Hybrid Modelling” November 24-25,2016 at Ntnu Trondheim

Wien: TU Wien, 2016, 15 S.
(Navigating the Roadmap for Clean, Secure and Efficient Energy Information;Issue Paper)
| Franziska Holz, Dawud Ansari, Ruud Egging, Per Ivar Helgesen
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Rigging Economics

Advances in horizontal drilling have significantly increased US oil and gas production, but it is not clear whether the industry is viable if oil prices continue to be low. Researchers now estimate the break-even price for oil and gas from tight ...

In: Nature Energy 4 (2019), S. 263-264 | Dawud Ansari
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