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Rigging Economics

Advances in horizontal drilling have significantly increased US oil and gas production, but it is not clear whether the industry is viable if oil prices continue to be low. Researchers now estimate the break-even price for oil and gas from tight ...

In: Nature Energy 4 (2019), S. 263-264 | Dawud Ansari
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Anticipating Global Energy, Climate and Policy in 2055: Constructing Qualitative and Quantitative Narratives

This study presents a set of novel and multidisciplinary scenarios (‘narratives’) that provide insight into four distinct and diverging yet plausible worlds. They combine qualitative and quantitative elements in order to reflect the interlinked and .

In: Energy Research & Social Science 58 (2019), 101250, 23 S. | Dawud Ansari, Franziska Holz
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Simulating the Potential of Swarm Grids for Pre-Electrified Communities: a Case Study from Yemen

Swarm grids are an emerging approach to electrification in the Global South that interconnects individual household generation and storage to a small electricity network to make full use of existing generation capacities. Using a simulation tool for

In: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 108 (2019), S. 289-302 | Martha M. Hoffmann, Dawud Ansaria
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OPEC, Saudi Arabia, and the Shale Revolution: Insights from Equilibrium Modelling and Oil Politics

Why did OPEC not cut oil production in the wake of 2014's price fall? This study aims at aiding the mostly qualitative discussion with quantitative evidence from computing quarterly partial market equilibria Q4 2011 – Q4 2015 under present short-term

In: Energy Policy 111 (2017), S. 166-178 | Dawud Ansari
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Resource Curse Contagion in the Case of Yemen

This study analyses the economic developments in Yemen from the 1970s to today in the context of the resource curse hypothesis. After a brief survey of the resource curse literature, using empirical data, historical accounts, and political (economic)

In: Resources Policy 49 (2016), S. 444-454 | Dawud Ansari

Decarbonising the EU’s Energy System

Wien: TU Wien, 2019, 16 S.
(Navigating the Roadmap for Clean, Secure and Efficient Energy Information : Summary Report)
| Pedro Crespo del Granado, Marijke Welisch, Michael Hartner ..., Franziska Holz, Dawud Ansari (u.a.)

2nd Policy Brief on SET-Nav Case Studies

Wien: TU Wien, 2018, 15 S.
(Navigating the Roadmap for Clean, Secure and Efficient Energy Information;Policy Brief ; 2)
| Charikleia Karakosta, Katerina Papapostolou, Dawud Ansari,Franziska Holz, Peter Kotek, Borbala Takacsne, Pedro Crespo del Granado, Ruud Egging, Hector Maranon-Ledesma, Christian Skar, Andrea Herbst, Tobias Fleiter, Frank Sensfuß, Ben Pfluger, Blazhe Gjorgiev, Giovanni Sansavini,Andrea Antenucci, Luis Olmos, Quentin Ploussard, Sara Lumbreras, Andres Ramos,Aurora del Valle Diez

Scenarios of the Global Fossil Fuel Markets

Wien: TU Wien, 2018, 72 S.
(Navigating the Roadmap for Clean, Secure and Efficient Energy Information;Case Study Report)
| Dawud Ansari, Franziska Holz, Nathan Appleman

Simulating the Potential of Swarm Grids for Pre-Electrified Communities: A Case Study from Yemen

Berlin: EADP, 2018, 28 S.
(EADP Discussion Paper)
| Martha Hoffmann, Dawud Ansari
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