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Video review: BCCP Virtual Mini-Conference 2020: Regulatory Challenges in Digital Markets: the Future of Artificial Intelligence for Policy Making

The tremendous growth of digital transactions has profoundly affected the way we interact, opening vast opportunities to improve our lives. Consumers have benefited from an unprecedented proliferation of new services and products that previously were simply too costly to be developed and marketed to customers. These digital interactions create vast amounts of data. While firms are already using...

29.06.2020| Veranstaltungsrückblick

BCCP Online Panel 2021: Regulatory Challenges in Digital Markets: the Digital Markets Act

This year’s online conference is focusing on the Digital Markets Act (DMA), the EU legislative proposal to regulate digital markets in order to prevent abuses of market power. This regulatory tool contains behavioral obligations for large online platforms (‘gatekeepers’) aimed at reducing entry barriers and ensuring fairness in the relationship between digital platforms and their different user...

30.06.2021| Veranstaltungsrückblick

BCCP Conference and Policy Forum 2019: Panel 1: The Rise of Market Power

In the opening session of the BCCP Conference and Policy Forum 2019, Jan Eeckhout (Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona), Jonathan Baker (American University), and Fiona Scott Morton (Yale University) discussed the global rise of concentration, profits, mark-ups and market power across many markets and industries, the possible explanations for rising mark-ups and concentration and the role of...

22.07.2019| Veranstaltungsrückblick

BCCP Conference and Policy Forum 2017: Welcome

27.06.2017| Veranstaltungsrückblick

Nachgeforscht: bei Prof. Dr. Tomaso Duso zu Wettbewerbspolitik und Produktivitätswachstum

Was haben Wettbewerbspolitik und Produktivität miteinander zu tun? Dieser Frage ist der Industrieökonom Tomaso Duso nachgegangen. Je besser der Wettbewerb funktioniert, desto höher die Produktivität - das könnte man auf den ersten Blick meinen. Aber ganz so einfach ist es dann doch nicht. Denn die Probleme liegen wie so oft im Detail. Tomaso Duso hat sie sich angeschaut...

16.07.2014| Nachgeforscht
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